Welcome to the World of Safe Cosmetics

Made from hand-picked herbs, flowers and wild fruits of the Himalayas, SoulTree treats you to the best nature has to offer.



The chamomile story

The apricot story


  • Organically Farmed

    The plant ingredients we use are sourced either from Certified Organic Farms or collected from natural forests for zero chemical contamination.

  • Ethically Sourced

    Since the collect of herbs is done from NGOs & local communities, we also ensure the ethical harvesting practices are used that encourage regeneration and prevent exploitation of our natural resources. We work with small farmers, especially woman farmers and not-for-profits to promote organic farming on a scale to generate sustainable livelihoods from it for them.

  • No Harsh Chemicals

    We do not use any harmful ingredients or chemicals in the making of any of our products. Furthermore, because you have the right to know, we list every ingredient we use in our products on the labels.



Commonly used in hair & skin care products to give skin shine and moisture. They tend to clog the skin and are medically recognized as tumour promoters.


These synthetic preservatives damage the skin and accelerate the aging process.Parabens are also under scanner for linkage to breast cancer.


These are inexpensive foaming agents used in detergents, but can cause adverse irritation on skin & hair cells and maybe absorbed by the liver.

Mineral Oil/Petrolatum

Also known as Petroleum Jelly, these help in easy glide properties but tend to cause suffocation of the skin and aggravate acne.


These agents  provide consistency in lotions & creams but are also absorbed by the skin and cause cancers of the stomach, liver and bladder.


Phthalates are used in cosmetics to hold colour & scents. They are known to damage the endocrine functioning and cause toxicity in the reproductive organs.


Known for its aroma, it is commonly used in creams & other skin care products for preservation. It has the potential to cause skin damage.


Fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system.

What makes us Certified Natural?

At SoulTree our claim that we make natural products is further validated and formally certified by the reputed European Certification Agency, BDIH of Germany. The difference between a brand calling itself ‘natural’ and a brand being ‘certified natural’ is that many think that using herbs makes a product natural whereas a product that can actually be certified as ‘natural’ has to prove many criteria.For example, BDIH certifies only those products that can prove they use:

  • Organic, forest grown or non-genetically modified ingredients
  • Natural mineral colour or plant dyes and not colours derived from petrochemicals or animals
  • Only such chemical bases that are derived from plant sources and not petrochemical

And this certification has to be renewed for a product every year to prevent misuse.

All SoulTree products are ‘certified natural’ every year. We are currently the only brand in India to carry a ‘natural’ certification for all our products from BDIH.