5-Minute Make Up Prep for an Everyday Look

Don’t you hate it when you are getting late in the morning and realise that you do not have time to do any make-up? Or when you have to carry some 20-odd make-up essentials wherever you go?

Let us give you a quick 5-7-minute routine that will get you through the day.


Wash your face with a light face wash so that it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Pat it dry.

Ayurvedic and Chemical-free Face Wash


 Apply a moisturiser or cream to hydrate your skin and give it a soft base for any make-up.

Ayurvedic Moisturising Gel


Apply a BB Cream, which acts as a light foundation and packs the benefits of a primer and concealer, to give your face a natural and even texture.

Ayurvedic BB cream


Apply a black Kajal on your lower eye-lid or use it on the upper eyelids as an eye-liner. Use a Mascara if you want to give your eyes a voluminous lash.


Use a lip balm before applying light or neutral Lipstick shade to give your face a radiant blush.

Voila! Your everyday look is complete with minimal make-up and effort!


Keep your cream and lipstick handy throughout the day for a quick touch-up, and don’t forget to clean your face with a cleansing lotion or make-up remover at the end of the day.

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