Make-up for Oily Skin

Is your face shiny when you wake up and becomes greasy as the day goes by? Is your skin prone to blackheads, acne, and other breakouts? Does makeup look sticky or does it smudge easily? Then, my friend, you have oily skin.

People with oily skin are less prone to develop early signs of ageing such as wrinkles and also have naturally moisturised skin. While it can be tricky to use make-up knowing that your face will start looking greasy before the day ends, there are ways you can make it better:

1 Use a Cleansing Lotion or Micellar Water

Clean your face with either a Cleansing Lotion or Micellar Water first thing in the morning. This will help clean your face by washing away dirt and oil particles.

2 Use a Matte Base

Using a foundation, primer, or BB cream with a matte finish will work best for an oily face, as a creamy or shiny base can make it greasier.

3 Use a Toning Mist

To make sure your make-up is set and sealed properly, spray a toning spray in an X and T motion on your face and neck.

4 Use Face Packs

To balance out the oiliness in your skin, invest in face packs which will remove the excess oil from your face. They will also help in reducing breakouts.

5 Keep Your Skin Moisturised

If not kept hydrated and moisturised, your skin tends to produce more oil. So, make sure to keep it well moisturised.

6 Exfoliate

Using a Face Scrub to exfoliate. It will help to reduce and remove blackheads by cleaning your pores and removing dead skin.


So, do not worry if you have oily skin. There are many methods at your disposal to make the best out of this condition.



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