Beauty Hacks in your 20s

Not many of us develop a proper skincare routine before our late 20s, mainly because our early 20s are supposed to be the time for experimentation. However, it is never too early to prepare for what might be. In this article, we round up 7 beauty hacks you must know in your 20s to spare yourself the trouble later. 1 Hydrate  The cheapest and easiest way to have a glowing skin is to drink plenty of water. A lot of people like to start their day by having lots of water, sometimes with honey, lemon or apple cider vinegar. Either way,...

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Looking your best does not have to be so hard. Read on to know the common make-up Faux Pas, and make sure you get them right: 1  Applying Make-up on Bare Skin If the face isn’t thoroughly moisturised before applying any make-up, it will become flaky and cracked, making the skin dry. Make sure to properly hydrate the skin by using a daily-use cream or a moisturiser to give your make-up the right base to start.Try SoulTree’s Nourishing cream or Apricot Moisturiser for smooth and supple skin. 2  Applying the Wrong Shade of or too much Foundation To check whether a shade...

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Revealing Truths #2

Lies in your Eyes   Kajal is one cosmetic product which today you can find in every girl or woman’s hand bag (or vanity drawer). How did Kajal suddenly become so popular? From a traditional product how did it turn into a must-have cosmetic product? Kajal or Kohl as it is also called was used in ancient Egypt and later in the middle east as a multi-functional product- to protect the eyes from harsh sun, to make the eyes look bigger and hence more beautiful. Back then, the black colour came from burning a lamp and collecting the soot. This...

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