The Quintessential Hyperpigmentation Cure Guide for Men

When it comes to a skincare routine, men are often laidback. In the process of getting ready, unlike women, one of the things that men often miss taking care of is their face. From washing their face with any other face wash to applying moisturiser that was probably picked from their better half’s cosmetic shelf and finally doing that wonderful deed of stepping out in the Sun without applying sunscreen. For us, these make to the top of the ‘Big NO-NO!’ list.

Most men don’t realise that using the wrong skincare products does more harm than good. It will leave you with rough skin, one that is lifeless and issues like skin damage, tan, uneven skin tone & hyperpigmentation may begin at an early age. Hyperpigmentation is when there are darker skin patches than the surrounding areas of skin. The worst part is that it affects all skin types and worsens if people dont take any precautions, such as the daily sunscreen application. We get our complexion from the Melanin pigment present in our skin, and hyperpigmentation is caused due to excess Melanin deposition in certain areas of the skin. This leads to uneven patches, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and dark spots. Fortunately, you have us to save the day! So men, read through to understand what causes hyperpigmentation, the best natural Ayurvedic remedies and what premium Ayurvedic products you need to stock to take care of your skin.

Major Causes of Hyperpigmentation

There are more than a couple of reasons that lead up to hyperpigmentation. Some of the major causes are:
1. Sunlight: Too much exposure to sunlight without sunscreen.
2. Environmental aggressors: Dust, pollution and other irritants present in the air.
3. Skincare products: The presence of harmful chemicals like silicons in products can lead to dark spots over time.
4. Underlying medical conditions: Sometimes, underlying medical conditions can lead to uneven skin patches.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Pigmentation on Face

Kumkumadi face oil benefits
Saffron is one of the most potent ingredients in Ayurveda and is known for its astounding qualities for restoring, repairing and nurturing the skin to make it flawless. It balances out all the three doshas in our body and is considered Tridoshic. SoulTree’s Advanced Kumkumadi Facial Oil is a therapeutic skincare product that gradually heals the skin from deep within. It clears out the deep-set impurities and is a time-honoured formulation to treat Hyperpigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone, blemishes, acne, and scars It brings a soft glow to the skin.

Herbal baths for pigmentation on the face
Snana or Ayurvedic herbal baths are highly recommended for proper blood circulation throughout your body. A daily ritual that begins with an oil massage known as Abhyanga, followed by a bath with warm water infused with herbs that help in internal as well as external healing of the skin.

At-home remedies to cure Hyperpigmentation:
-Daily intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables
-Around eight glasses of lukewarm water along with juices
-Give your body a regular detox
-Regulate your meat intake with vegetables
-Protect your face with a cloth wherever possible to avoid exposure to the sun
-Avoid smoking as it leads to premature ageing
-Regular Ubtans with ingredients such as Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Curd, Haldi, Sandalwood, raw Milk, Honey, Lemon etc.

SoulTree’s must-haves for getting rid of Hyperpigmentation

1. Radiance Face pack

2. Nutgrass face wash with neem & soothing Chamomile

3. Under-eye Gel with pomegranate & almond oil

4. Hemp soothing elixir facial serum

5. Hemp treat & nourish youth day cream

6. Advanced Kumkumadi youthful radiance facial oil

7. Advanced Kumkumadi refined radiance day cream

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