Skin Care — non-oily Moisturising gel


With hectic lives that most millennials lead these days, it is hardly a surprise that our skins start to act up, ever so frequently. From bustling AM routines, office work & life to managing a happening social circle and household responsibilities, our unhealthy schedules cause havoc on the skin. Having sensitive skin is not a type, but a concern that has more to do with how we treat our skin and body than genetics or what we are born with. We have come up with a simple routine with some quick tips that you can follow to heal that beautiful...

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Finding a Skin Care routine for combination skin can be tricky. A combination skin type means having certain areas on your face with dry patches and flaky skin as compared to the rest that produce more natural oil (mostly the T zone, ie. Forehead, nose, and chin). The key is to find a balance and hydrate the dry areas and calm the oily ones. We have come up with a quick and simple 3 step regime that will help you maintain a soft, naturally glowing skin.  1 Cleanse Cleansing your face is the No. 1 step in any skin care...

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Acne, Redness, Blackheads & Breakouts. Are these some of the skin problems you struggle with? If yes, chances are that you have oily skin. The reason for oily skin is the sebaceous glands in our skin that sometimes produce excess sebum (an essential substance to naturally moisturise our skin). However, too much sebum can lead to oily skin and clogged pores, in turn leading to various oily skin woes. In this article, we will be taking you through a simple, everyday routine for oily skin. Read on to find out! 1 Cleanse your skin Start and end your end by...

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