BURSTING THE BUBBLE : Moving to Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

It matters to us how we impact the world we live in. That’s what makes us extremely judicious in creating, packaging and delivering our products. To this end, we have tried our best to make many little and big efforts.   

One of the biggest challenges the environment faces today is: Plastic. Every day, 25,490 tons of plastic goes to waste in India. So much so, that the amount of plastic that is thrown away annually in the world, can circle the entire Earth’s surface four times. Businesses like ours also contribute to this, through product packaging, including the bubble wrap we use, which forms a large part of the plastic that goes into packing each product. 

As a customer-centric business, we want to ensure that you receive your orders in perfect shape. However, using plastic bubble wraps has been an aspect that has concerned us always. Over the past 6 months, we have been looking for solutions to make our packaging more environment-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint.


We are excited to inform you that going forward, SoulTree will use Biodegradable Bubble Wrap in all its website orders.

While there is hardly any visible difference between Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Bubble Wrap (even on looking closely), the effects they have on the environment are poles apart.



Mostly found in the packaging of products that are shipped based on online orders, even imagining the amount of waste generated by the discarded Bubble Wrap, can leave you spellbound.



This huge volume of discarded plastic ends up in landfills and eventually clogs rivers, affecting the entire eco-system adversely.



What’s different, is what happens from here on. Both these Bubble Wraps find themselves in the soil where they are disposed, the Biodegradable Bubble Wrap starts to decompose and dissolve in the soil in 180 days by bacteria or other living organisms, without needing any external effort to degrade.



On the other hand, even after years and years of being in the soil, the Non-Biodegradable Bubble Wrap remains as is, while the biodegradable one dissolves without leaving any harmful traces behind.



We believe that every choice we make, big or small has an impact on our environment. And this is one step that we have consciously made, towards being a more sustainable and responsible brand in the long run.

Becoming a sustainable organization is a journey, and we are committed to getting there. And it is a privilege to have you, every reader, with us, on this road.

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  • Excellent initiative. Shows a responsible and benevolent outlook for the community at large. Might reflect in the products also.

    Anuradha Rao on

  • Excellent initiative. Shows a responsible and benevolent outlook for the community at large. Might reflect in the products also.

    Anuradha Rao on

  • Greetings from Finland!
    I’m very happy to read about your environment friendly solution. Your excelent products deserve it!

    Päivi Kirjonen on

  • Great initiative! Huge respect that you are forming a part in protecting our nature Earth. Love for Soultree increases now!

    Rajeswari on

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