The Route to Beauty with Benefits

The Route to Beauty with Benefits

Every now and then I am asked what I am doing in the business of beauty where 90% of our customers are women and a big portion of our product range is for women too; all the truer for our recently launched Beauty range. I must admit that I did not imagine building a beauty brand when I started my entrepreneurial journey.

My desire to contribute to sustainable development through business led me to the farmers practicing organic farming. Located in Uttarakhand, it was natural for them to be growing medicinal herbs along with other food staples. It is common knowledge that Himalayas is a repository of medicinal herbs, many of them life saving. As I started to work closely with these farmers, my eyes started to open to the wonders of Ayurveda (which until then meant only Chyawanprash and Hajmola to me).

I learnt about the features and benefits of these herbs from a cheerful person named Mohan Sharma who was responsible for collecting and processing them. He would astonish me by looking at a patch of green and picking out 3 twigs of Brahmi, which to an ordinary eye looked no different from other shrubs. And I would frequently see him chewing on some leaves which he claimed was the secret to his good health.

I further learnt about the treatment of various common ailments through Ayurvedic herbs from Vaidya Pandey Ji, who later assisted us in developing SoulTree products. These were the people who initiated me to the world of Ayurveda and its benefits. I learnt about the power of Ayurvedic herbs not only in medicinal treatment but also for skin and hair which are also prone to imbalances and damage like other organs of the body.

It was with this knowledge and conviction that I thought of developing beauty products which can bring the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs to consumers.To ensure that full benefit of these herbs is passed on, we chose not only to work with high quality herbs but to also follow documented traditional processes. We wanted to be sure that we were not doing anything that would reduce or limit the beneficial action of these herbs.

And we have proof of this. One of our customers, Nitika, wrote back to us about how she tried out SoulTree lipsticks while fighting Lip Dermatitis and she saw her lips becoming better:

I got Lip Dermatitis a year back and I could no longer wear any of the popular brands in the market without causing allergies to my lips. Then I came across your website and tried out a stick of lipstick from your range and it fit! Didn't cause me any allergy. Here I was thinking I will have to give up lipsticks but I didn't have to. Thank you so much. I love them, the shades and the stain they leave behind.

While the users are surprised, I am not because I know of the nurturing power of ingredients such as Ghee, Honey, and Rose, which we use in our products. As such experiences continue to flow in, as the founder I feel glad that SoulTree products are doing what they were intended to do - bring the benefit of Ayurveda to people and help them look their best. Instead of just lending an artificial look of transient beauty, SoulTree products are made to bring the benefit of Ayurveda to help everyone sustain their natural beauty.

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  • Thank you for introducing us with the benefits of nature May you achieve greater heights of success in your life and hope to get these pure range of ayurvedic products for life. :)

    Sheetal Salecha on

  • this was the need of the hour. beauty with benefits

    Pinkal Shah on

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