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Why should you buy all makeup products from SoulTree?

SoulTree is the first Indian brand to offer European-certified natural personal care and beauty products. We have a wide range of makeup products which are made from organic ingredients. All our products are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. They are made from natural ingredients using the ancient art of Ayurveda. We source these ingredients sustainably and ethically so that your makeup essentials have nothing but pure goodness.

Your search for all makeup products ends here. We have everything from face makeup products to eye makeup. We also have a lot of options for lip makeup. You can choose between lipstick or lip gloss. You can even buy both of them.

With the increasing demand for clean beauty products, many companies have started marketing their skincare and cosmetic products as organic and natural. However, not all of them are certified natural. Many don’t even disclose their full list of ingredients.

At SoulTree, you get only clean and natural makeup products free from toxins and chemicals.

All these products are uniquely crafted with ayurvedic recipes to provide you with wholesome goodness.

SoulTree Makeup Best Sellers

SoulTree is popular for its basic makeup products and makeup essentials. If you’re looking for a base for face makeup, our BB cream is the best buy. It is available in 5 different shades to suit different Indian skin tones. It is also enriched with natural ingredients like Sandalwood, Turmeric and Pink Lotus that boost glow and provide other skin benefits.

We have some of the best eye makeup. Our kajal in pure black is the most popular makeup product in the eye makeup category. It is made from an ayurvedic formulation with natural ingredients for better eye health. They are also available in 10 more vibrant shades. Some of the most popular shades in the kajal range are Grey Glow Kajal, Fern Green Kajal and True Blue Kajal.

When talking about kajal, one can't forget mascara. Mascara is an essential product to complete your eye makeup. We have two different shades of mascara available. The one in pure black is the classic choice for regular use. The other shade, soft brown, is equally popular.

In the lip makeup category, lipsticks and lip glosses are the best-selling makeup products. There are lots of options in the lip makeup category. You can check our lipstick collection page or lip gloss collection page for all the available options.

SoulTree’s range of makeup products for beginners

If you’re a beginner at makeup, you can combine just a few products to get the basic makeup look. Basic makeup products like BB cream, kajal, mascara and lipstick/lipgloss are good to start with. All these products have a wide range of shades available to suit every skin tone.

Does SoulTree sell 100% natural makeup products?

As already mentioned above, we are the first brand in India which is certified “Natural” by COSMOS, France. All our products are made organically using 100% natural ingredients. The products are also cruelty-free as we do not test on animals.

SoulTree’s skincare essentials for beauty benefits from within

We not only sell the best makeup products but we also sell skincare essentials that heal from within. We have everything from moisturisers to toners to skincare essentials for all skin types. Combining quality makeup with rejuvenating skincare essentials can give you the flawless makeup look everyone desires.

Shop for the best makeup and cosmetics online at Soultree

SoulTree’s website is the best way to shop for makeup and cosmetics online. All our products are available for purchase on the website. You can also get free shipping on the products if you purchase them for a minimum amount. Shipping time is also pretty fast. You can also visit our physical store for a personal experience. Kindly use our store locator to find the nearest store.

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