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Regimen for Premature Greying

This deeply nourishing combo is the perfect solution to restore hair health & prevent premature greying.Nourishing Hair Oil with Methika,...

Rs. 1,425.00

Frizz Free Hair Regimen

This Ayurvedic regimen is an ideal solution if you have frizzy hair. Regular usage of these products will result in...

Rs. 2,150.00

Rejuvenating Skin Care Regimen

The perfect regimen to nurture your skin back to its natural glow & boost radiance.Face Scrub-Walnut & Turmeric with Cooling...

Rs. 4,165.00

Night Repair Regimen for Dry to Normal Skin

Keep your skin radiant, nourished and blemish-free this monsoon with our Special Night Repair Regimen. Made with certified Natural ingredients...

Rs. 1,920.00 Rs. 1,795.00

Anti-acne Regimen

During monsoon, our face constantly turns greasy and attracts bacteria and dust resulting in clogging of facial pores and acne...

Rs. 2,545.00

Pure Black Kajal & Brown Mascara

- Pure Black Kajal & Brown MascaraPure Black Kajal - This kajal is made by a traditional Ayurvedic recipe using...

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Anti-aging Regimen

Discover the timeless benefits of certified organic & natural ingredients with our Ayurvedic Anti-aging regimen, specially formulated to rejuvenate skin...

Rs. 2,495.00

Moisture Infusing Hair Regimen

An Ayurvedic solution that infuses moisture to the hair, cleanses & nourishes scalp and reduces frizz.Hibiscus Shampoo with Honey &...

Rs. 1,475.00

Oil Control Regimen

A daily Ayurvedic & Organic regimen that gently removes excess oil, purifies facial pores and protects the skin from unwanted...

Rs. 2,535.00

Perfect Hydration Regimen

An Ayurvedic regimen for dry skin that provides deep nourishment and keeps the skin soft, supple and even-toned.Cleansing Lotion –...

Rs. 5,010.00

Tan Removal Regimen

The Ayurvedic Tan Removal Regimen is specially curated to relieve your skin from sun damage & environmental stressors. It is...

Rs. 4,255.00

Anti-acne Regimen

Reduce acne, acne scars, skin redness and control excess oil production with our certified organic formulation with powerful ingredients such...

Rs. 3,195.00

Anti-Aging Regimen

A selection of our favourite anti-aging products, specially formulated to reduce signs of aging and keep your skin rejuvenated and...

Rs. 5,065.00

Anti-Pigmentation Regimen

Specially curated regimen to reduce pigmentation, dark circles & fine lines. This regimen will keep the skin soft, nourished &...

Rs. 4,380.00

Night Repair Regimen for Oily to Combination Skin

This monsoon, help your skin rejuvenate with our Special Night Repair Regimen. With certified organic ingredients such as Neem, Jasmine,...

Rs. 2,710.00