The People Behind SoulTree

Journeys into the Himalayan states and understanding the forests, the farmers and the power of Ayurveda made believe that sustainable, ecologically-based businesses can help everyone. In 2002, when we saw remote rural communities practicing organic agriculture much before ‘organic’ became a buzzword, we began working with them. We worked with small farmers, especially women farmers and not-for-profits to promote organic farming to generate sustainable livelihoods from it for them. In 2004, this partnership resulted in our beginning exports of organic āyurvedic herbs. We set up Vedicare Ayurveda Pvt Ltd. Using fair trade norms we sourced botanical ingredients from certified organic farms and wild forest and exported them to Europe and the USA. Over the years we saw more and more consumers in these countries shunning chemical based products and moving to natural ones. We also realised that in India though there were several brands promising ‘herbal’ and ‘botanical’ products there was not a single one that offered authentic certified natural products. This prompted us to take the first step.

Organic Farmers in UttarakhandOrganic Farmers in Uttarakhand


Based on our knowledge of ayurvedic herbs we began an in-house R&D facility. And under the supervision of ayurvedacharyas and chemists began research in formulating natural products. Learning from other countries we used only natural and organic ingredients. This led our products to pass stringent European standards.

Our products one by one began to get the ‘natural’ certification from BDIH Germany. And ever since have grown the product line according to global standards of authenticity, and our belief that beauty products must do more than just be skin deep.