Ayurvedic Kansa Massager

Rs. 2,995.00

MRP Inclusive of all taxes

Kansa is a special metal made with a blend of copper and tin. A Kansa Massager helps purify the skin, boosts blood circulation and makes the skin soft & smooth.

Rs. 2,995.00

MRP Inclusive of all taxes

Stimulates our Marma points (vitality points on the body)
Boosts blood circulation
Removes toxins and purifies skin
Balances all three doshas
Relaxes the facial muscles
Reliefs muscle pain
Aids in delivering nutrients to the skin
Restores facial radiance
It helps absorb the nutrients to the hair roots

Net weight of the product: 107g
Delivery time: 
Within 3 - 5 working days
Manufactured by:
 Vedicare Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin: India

Kansa Facial Massage:

  • Cleanse your face and neck with a gentle soap-free cleanser and apply a few drops of Face Oil on your face
  • Forehead Massage: Massage the middle of your forehead in clockwise and anti-clockwise motion using the Kansa facial massager
  • Figure 8 Technique: Massage around your eyes in a figure 8 motion
  • Jawline Massage: Massage from the sides of your nose along the jawline

Kansa Head Massage:

  • Part your hair in two sections and massage with a nourishing hair oil
  • Start by rotating the Kansa Wand in a slow circular motion on the centre, parting softly but firmly sliding it back to the neck
  • Rotate the Kansa Wand firmly in these circular motions all over the scalp
  • Concentrate the movements around the ears to energise the Marma points

Kansa Body Massage:

  • Deeply moisturise your body for the Kansa Wand to slide gently
  • Start by rotating the Kansa Wand in slow circular motions, working on tensed muscles
  • Ensure the pressure is light but firm
  • Concentrate the movements around the Marma points to release muscle tension

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