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011 - Pure Black Kajal

This kajal is made by a traditional ayurvedic recipe using a 3000 year old process. We use organic ghee for...

Rs. 350.00

Nourishing Cream - Saffron & Almond Oil with Natural Vitamin E

This gentle nourishing cream is rich in antioxidants from Natural Vitamin E. Saffron brightens the complexion, Sweet Almond Oil helps...

From Rs. 350.00

Hair Conditioner - Hibiscus & Henna with Nourishing Shikakai

This moisturising conditioner is prepared with fresh Hibiscus that leaves hair beautifully soft while adding shine. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil...

From Rs. 350.00

Smoothing Hair Care Kit

- Revitalising Hair Oil with Aamla & Brahmi (120ml), This light hair oil is prepared using the age-old Ayurvedic combination...

Rs. 1,300.00 Rs. 1,200.00

Winter Care Kit from Head to Toe

- Anti-Ageing Body Oil - Brahmi, Manjistha & Mineral-Rich Sesame (120ml), This rejuvenating body oil with powerful extracts of Brahmi,...

Rs. 1,310.00 Rs. 1,200.00

Winter Sunshine Kit

- Protection with Aloe & Green Tea - SPF (100gm), This sunscreen is free of complex chemical UV filters. Olive...

Rs. 1,395.00 Rs. 1,290.00

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