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Indian Rose & Cooling Vetiver Shower Gel

This aromatic, soap-free shower gel is made with fragrant Pure Rosewater and cooling extracts from Vetiver (Khus). Aloe Vera hydrates...

Rs. 500.00

Cleansing Lotion - Aloe & Rose Water with Skin-Toning Licorice

This moisturising face cleanser is gentle and hydrating on the skin. Ayurvedic ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Pure Rose Water...

Rs. 395.00

Revitalising Hair Oil with Aamla & Brahmi

This light hair oil is prepared using the age-old Ayurvedic combination of Aamla and Brahmi extracts that strengthen hair while...

Rs. 475.00

Everyday Beauty Basics

The Everyday Beauty Basics Box is perfect for those looking for natural alternative for everyday beauty needs. With an Ayurvedic...

Rs. 1,270.00

The Rose Blush Collection

The Roses that find their way into our Rose Blush Collection Box are cultiavted in the pristine envrions of Uttarakhand....

Rs. 1,270.00

Uttarakhand Indulgence Box

Cultivated from the purest ingredients from the pristine environs of Uttarakhand, this box is a treasure trove of nature's goodness....

Rs. 2,270.00

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