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Hair Care Routine for Summers

Summer brings with it a whole lot of energy and the urge to experiment! While beach curls are great and nothing like a nice sleek pony, here are a few to-dos for your checklist before you get that perfect summer look.

Summer Hair Care Tips

1. Sunscreen for the Hair

Your hair, like your skin, needs protection from harmful UV rays. A good way to go about this is to run your fingers gently through the hair after applying an Organic Sunscreen on your body. There are several shampoos and conditioners that can help but avoid going for chemical-laden products. 

Hair protection from Sun-Rays

2. Wash Your Hair Less 

Although sweat and dust from the heat can get to your hair, it is best to avoid washing it every day. Excessive cleansing tends to strip the scalp of its natural Hair oils, making the hair patchy and dry. Pat your hair with a warm towel to steam it and get rid of excess oil. Another option is to pat a little talcum powder onto your hair.

Hair Wash Routine

3. Reduce the Heat

During Summers, your hair is almost always exposed to excessive heat. Avoid using a blow dryer and let it dry on its own instead. You can also give the flat iron a skip and simply use a comb and run it through a few times while your hair is still wet. 

Hair drying tips

4. Use a Wide-toothed comb instead of a Brush

Since your hair is more exposed and the heat opens up the follicles, avoid using a brush after a dip in the water. Use a wide-toothed comb instead to even out the tangles.

Hair combing tips


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