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5 common makeup problems & their solutions

Many of us like to wear make-up every now and then. Making a little effort to highlight your features should not feel like a task, but sometimes it does when you feel like you have ruined the look after spending almost an hour on it.

Perhaps you have got almost everything right but need to fix some minute problems that may seem overwhelming.

Makeup Problem & Solution

Here are the 5 common problems that mostly spoil our efforts, but we also bring you their solutions.

1 Smudge-Proof Kajal

Our Kajal tends to smudge when the area around the eyes produces excess oil. If you have oily eyelids, rub some ice around your eyes to control the oil secretion. You should also apply the Kajal from the outer corner of your eye and then move towards the inner corner and not vice versa.

2 Patchy Lipstick

Lipsticks usually get patchy when they are matte or your lips are too dry. Add some lip balm or lip gloss to retain the moisture and blend it out. Although your lipstick would not retain its matte quality after this, you can press a tissue over your lips to even out the moisture.

3 Cakey Foundation

The problem of the cakey foundation has a lot to do with a lack of moisture, especially for those with dry skin. Before you apply a foundation, moisturise your face thoroughly with a hydrating cream or lotion. Watch out for drying ingredients your foundation may contain. Consider switching to  All in One BB Creams with nourishing ingredients to retain your moisture.

Ayurvedic BB creams

4 Excess Eyeliner

This is an extremely common problem with the simplest solution. A lot of times, we end up with bolder strokes than we were attempting to. Cover the excess liner with a concealer and blend it in with your finger. You are good to go.

5 Getting Mascara on your Lid

The immediate urge is to wipe it off but don’t do that! It will only further smear the mascara. The best thing to do is to let it completely dry on your eyelids and apply eyeshadow or concealer over it.


Let us know in the comments section the common make-up problems which you face and your

go-to hacks to deal with them.

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