Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin

Finding a Skin Care routine for combination skin can be tricky. A combination skin type means having certain areas on your face with dry patches and flaky skin as compared to the rest that produce more natural oil (mostly the T zone, ie. Forehead, nose, and chin).

The key is to find a balance and hydrate the dry areas and calm the oily ones. We have come up with a quick and simple 3 step regime that will help you maintain a soft, naturally glowing skin. 

1 Cleanse

Cleansing your face is the No. 1 step in any skin care routine, however, it becomes even more important if you have a combination skin type. It is essential to find a cleanser that helps remove dirt and other impurities from your face without stripping it off of natural oils.

Make sure to pick a mild, soap-free cleanser and use it twice a day. This will help deep cleanse, hydrate & nourish your skin. 

SoulTree's Cleanser for Combination Skin - Nutgrass Face Wash with Neem & Soothing Chamomile.

Natural and Ayurvedic Face wash

2 Toner

With combination skin type, balance is the key. With some parts of your face, oiler than the others, toning mists can help provide the correct amount of hydration to your skin while managing its PH levels. Pick a gentle and an alcohol-free toning mist that will help control extra oil secretion by tightening and unclogging pores. 

SoulTree's Toner for Combination Skin – Fragrant Jasmine Toning Mist

3 Moisturise 

When it comes to moisturisation for oily skin, one must avoid a heavy, cream-based moisturiser as that will lead to more oiliness. Pick a light and soothing aqua-based product that will help hydrate the dry patches and soothe the oily areas on your skin. 

SoulTree's Moisturizer for Combination Skin – Moisturising Gel – Tulsi & Sandalwood 

However, it goes without saying that good skin does not happen overnight. One needs to take care of their skin from inside as much as from the outside. There is no substitute for good old Water for the best kind of hydration one can get, coupled with nutrient-rich food and adequate sleep. 

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