When the cold takes over, so do hot chocolate, ear muffs and warm cuddles. As cozy and welcoming as this weather can be, you might want to remember that the winter cold brings some side effects of its own.
As we slow down and feel like going into hibernation mode to make the most of the cold, taking care of ourselves can take a back seat sometimes. Winter’s cold leaves you layered up, yes; but it also leaves your skin flaky, dry and dehydrated. So it becomes even more important to bring warmth to your skin with some extra care and protection.

While there are many ways to shift focus to yourself, here are three ways in which you can easily take care of yourself:

1. Deep Cleanse Inside Out

Cold winter months can bring down your intake of everything fresh, leaving you less immune and more prone to diseases. At times like this, it is important to deeply cleanse your body inside out.

Try eating fresh seasonal vegetables (especially green ones) and fruits to keep your immune system strong and free from weakness.

For your drying winter skin, deep cleanse your skin to remove tan and dead skin and let natural ingredients like walnutex foliate without stripping your skin of its softness.

2. Hydrate Outside In

You might be someone who carries your water bottle around all summer, but it is just as important to stay hydrated in the colder months. Our body loses the same amount of water as it does in the summer and lack of the same level of hydration can lead to fatigue and light-headedness.

Keep sipping on water and other fluids to keep yourself hydrated. And it’s not just what you drink – soups of seasonal foods like Carrots and Spinach can help do the same too.

When it comes to the skin, your lips become flaky and dry. Rich and nourishing ingredients such as Ghee and Kokum Butter can heal and condition lips to keep them soft and supple to face the cold.

3. Moisturise Skin Deep

When the thermometer dips, so does the humidity. This is followed almost always with chapped and dry skin along with sinuses and throat infections. Specially if you are prone to asthma, the cold and dry air can narrow your breathing passages and trigger an attack.

Using a humidifier can ensure that moisture is added back to the air. Apart from this, you can also trade in your long hot showers with shorter ones to prevent your skin from becoming too dry and lose its moisture.

To keep skin hydrated, nourishing ingredients such as Honey, Kokum Butter and Apricot can work wonders and give you smooth and supple skin. In this season, it is good to moisturize your body right after a hot shower, since your pores are open and best suited to absorb the moisturizer, in addition to moisturizing your skin right before bed time.

This winter, choose the best of nature’s care to protect your skin, and you, inside out.

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