Ayurveda’s Secret to a Well-Nourished Body! Your Guide to Pechoti Ritual

Charak Samhita, known as the oldest surviving Vedic text with traditional Ayurvedic medicine, notes the navel as the most notable Marma Point, i.e. the Siras Marma. It is believed that the skin on the navel is ultra-thin and houses more than 72,000 nerve endings, meaning that whatever you pour into the navel will get absorbed by the body and dispersed in all directions.

Nourishing the centre balances out the rest of the body. According to Ayurveda, it is said that since Nabhi or navel lies in the centre of the body, it can nurture your body from all directions, whether it is towards your head or your toes. It is also where Agni (fire) resides in our body and controls digestion and metabolism. Stimulating the Siras Marma ensures the proper functioning of digestion and detoxifies the body. This is where Pichoti Ritual or Nabhi Puran plays a significant role.

What is Pechoti Ritual?

It is a traditional Ayurvedic massage involving a few drops of oil poured into the navel, followed by a gentle massage around it. Our Nabhi, or navel, is the route of circulation and nutrition in our body, and its proximity to the major organs of our body makes it a vital point in our system.

Nabhi Puran is an outstanding technique to have a positive effect on your body holistically. The massage around the navel skin has multiple benefits such as:

. Aids in digestion
. Improves lubrication in the joints & promotes flexibility
. Assists in detoxification
. Alleviates cramps
. Heals gut-related concerns
. Enhances the quality of hair
. Pacifies the Doshas
. Promotes deep sleep
. Makes the skin soft, especially during Winter when you’re prone to dryness
. Improves the overall well-being of an individual

How to do Pechoti Ritual?

. Things you need:
. Cotton Wool
. Dual Kansa Wand
. Small dish to warm the oil
. Prefered Oil

(We recommend 100% Organic cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil)

Step 1: Take a small dish and warm the Hemp cold-pressed oil. Don't boil it.
Step 2: Lie down comfortably on your back, and a piece of cotton wool saturated in oil and place a piece of cotton wool soaked in oil inside the navel for about 10 minutes.
Step 3: Once the 10 minutes are over, pull out the cotton wool, squeeze the excess oil into the navel, and let it stay.
Step 4: Then, take the Dual Kansa Wand and, using the smaller orb, massage the skin around the navel in a clockwise direction. Avoid rubbing inside the navel, for it will injure it.
Step 5: Using the large orb of the Dual Kansa wand, massage the oil in bigger circles and spread it across the abdomen.
Step 6: Practice the Pinhoti Ritual before bedtime for the sensory effects and optimum benefits.

Doing Pechoti Ritual daily for at least 5 minutes or till the oil gets absorbed into your navel is an effortless way to take care of your entire body.
Why Hemp Seed Oil for Pechoti Ritual?

The SoulTree Organic Hemp Seed Oil is enriched with Arjuna and Shatavari, an amalgamation that uplifts the benefits of Pechoti rituals multifold, especially when practised all year round. Certified ‘Organic’ by COSMOS international, the 100% Organic Cold-pressed Hemp oil makes the skin barrier stronger and more resilient, especially if you have redness, rosacea or if your skin is super sensitive. Over time, putting the Hemp seed oil into your belly button will make your skin less sensitive. It is an extremely balanced oil with the perfect proportions of omega fatty acids, making it a versatile oil that you can apply on your hair and body and pour into your navel.

Please check with your doctor if you're pregnant or have any lower abdomen skin concerns before using the oil.

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