Mogra Saffron - The Red Gold

Born in the rustic valleys of Pampore, Mogra Saffron is often called Red Gold, owing to the brilliant red-gold stain it leaves behind upon mixing with water. Saffron has long since be hailed as a precious spice the globe over and finds mention in Ayurvedic texts dating back over 2000 years in recipes for skincare and general wellness.

Within the Saffron varieties available today, Mogra Saffron stands out as the most exclusive and rare variety of the spice. To understand exactly why Mogra Saffron is considered more valuable and exclusive than the other varieties, we go back to the roots – saffron cultivation.

Mogra Saffron: A Handcrafted Luxury

Scientifically called the Crocus Sativa, the Saffron plant requires manual cultivation as the plant itself is incapable of reproducing. It also requires a large area, as the plant needs ample amount of space to thrive. Moreover, one saffron flower yields three stigma, which means one needs over 75,000 flowers to get one pound of the spice.

The most interesting part of the Saffron journey from soil to shelf is the harvesting process; a laborious task with a very small window to harvest the stigmas and store them. The saffron flowers bloom in mid-autumn, usually at dawn and are required to be picked within moments, as the flowers wilt as the day progresses. The entire activity happens within a two-to-three-week window in the entire year!

After this labour and love intensive harvest, comes time to pick the potent stigmas to get to the elusive Red Gold, or Mogra Saffron. The Mogra Saffron stigma is longer than other types and has exceptional properties because of its efficacy, fragrance and warmth for skin conditions.

Kumkumadi Tailam: Ayurveda’s Best Kept Secret!

Kumkumadi Tailam or Kumkumadi oil is an age-old Ayurvedic concoction of herbs that acts as a transformative remedy for uplifting skin health and treating various skin issues. This oil, which can also be used as a moisturizer is generally suitable for all skin types, but is specifically beneficial for sensitive or dry/flaky skin.

Known for its skin illuminating properties, regular incorporation of Kumkumadi Tailam in one’s skincare routine leads to healthy, radiant, youthful skin. As per Ayurveda, Kumkumadi has Rasa (pungent and bitter), Virya (heating) and Vipaka (pungent) qualities, and is known to be Tridoshic – beneficial to all the Doshas.

The traditional recipe for creating Kumkumadi Tailam requires a 3-phase process incorporating over 25 exotic herbs such as Flame of the Forest, Chandan, Lodhra, Manjishtha and Lotus.

The Kumkumadi Tailam infused in the Advanced Kumkumadi range is enriched with Mogra Saffron, for a truly luxe range of products. Every drop of the range speaks of truth and mindfulness, having taken years of research and refinement by our team of Ayurvedic Vaidyas.

Indulge in Radiant Skin with Advanced Kumkumadi

The Advanced Kumkumadi Range is enriched with the divine essence of Mogra Saffron and other exotic herbs and ingredients, leaving a long-lasting impact on you. Working towards harmonising energies, every ritual with Advanced Kumkumadi Range is a sensorial journey to live every day - from dawn to dusk.

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