3 Best Misty Fragrances to Carry on Your Next Holiday!

“A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion...” - Jeffrey Stepakoff

Our limbic system is where emotions and memories lie, and modern science tells us that fragrances linger the longest in our brain. Often scents are reminiscent of many things: the first rain, fresh flowers, sea breeze, festivities, old books and destinations. Fragrances bring back memories, especially when travel and aroma are so tightly entwined. It helps you relive moments like no other memory or sense can. They trigger nerve connections that associate scent or fragrance with a particular memory, emotion, thing or destination.

According to Ayurveda, fragrances have the power to balance your doshas, which directly affects your wellbeing and health. It recommends using aromatherapy to calm our senses, relieve our bodies of stress, and promote mental wellbeing while travelling.

We curated a list of destinations with a unique identity of their own, along with fragrances that will be redolent of those destinations. Our body care boxes are the perfect travel companion that comes in three aromatic and enchanting fragrances - Malati (Jasmine), Manjula (Rose) and Neroli. And to travel with a distinctive aroma that matches the aura of the destination will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Malati Gift Box for Madrid, Spain
A city of the royals deserves a befitting fragrance, also known as the King of the essential oils - Jasmine. Derived from the Arabic word ‘Yasmin’, our Jasmine or Malati Gift box is packed with thoughtful Jasmine essentials such as shower gel, body lotion and face & body mist, which are the perfect companion on your trip to Madrid! Known for its Mediterranean climate, Madrid is located right at the heart of Spain and is known for its sunny blue skies, historical buildings, food markets and bustling nightlife. One of the oldest and best fragrant flowers in the world, Jasmine imparts a fresh, sweet floral aroma that calms the senses down, helps relax, and uplifts the spirit simultaneously. The notable intoxicating fragrance is perfect for the city of joy and blends well with the city’s charm, vivacity and unique identity of its own.

Travelled all the way from Persia, as it is believed, Jasmine has an exclusive scent that lingers throughout the day. The carefully curated Malati gift box will please the heart and refresh the mind with its delicate aroma. The hydrating and moisturising properties of the fragrant flower are excellent for dry skin, enhance skin elasticity, keep it oil-free, and protect it from harmful UV rays and other environmental stressors. A must for spending the summers in Madrid!
Pacifies: Tridoshic

Mystic Manjula Gift Box for Hamburg, Germany
Known as one of the most vibrant cities in the world, Hamburg speaks of the perfect mix between traditional and contemporary. Our Mystical Manjula Gift box is enriched with the iconic and eternal Rose fragrance. A city with a temperate climate built on water and bridges, Hamburg cherishes traditions along with its captivating cultural life and the liveliness of its inhabitants. Just like the city, the delightful fragrance refreshes the soul, enlivens the spirit and brings back the enchanting scent of the roses in a contemporary way. These Rose infused body care inclusions set a romantic mood and create an aura that is free from distractions.

Our Mystical Manjula box offers a travel-friendly shower gel, body lotion, and face & body mist for the cool Humburg weather. Relax your tired muscles, balance the skin's PH, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promote a healthy and even out skin tone with the rejuvenating properties of Rose. This body care box nourishes dry skin, acts as a mood booster and stimulates a sense of positivity from deep within.
Pacifies: Vata Dosha

Neroli Essentials Gift Box for Romano, Italy
First used in Italy as a perfume and as an add-on aromatic liquid for bath waters to enhance the bathing experience, Neroli got its name from the Italian town of ‘Nerola’. Extracted from the white waxy flowers of the orange blossom tree, although delicate, this youthful floral and citrusy fragrance adds an element of surprise with every usage. Ideal for the typical Mediterranean climate, picturesque beaches, lovely coastal islands and sunny skies, our Neroli Essentials Gift box carries a travel-friendly shower gel, body lotion and face & body mist. Neroli's vibrant and refreshing fragrance perfectly gels well with the Italian town bursting with charming architecture, sunny landscapes and captivating natural beauty.

The cheerful, aromatic notes of Neroli promote love and tranquillity and rejuvenate mind, body and soul with its exhilarating fragrance. The Neroli Essential Gift box helps get a luminous skin tone, improves skin elasticity, prevents skin irritation and maintains the health of skin cells with its regenerative properties. The calming notes destress the mind and senses and help you relax into a deep sleep at night.
Pacifies: Pitta Dosha

“Fragrance is everything: it is the relationship between you and your mind, you and other people, you and this world.” – C. JoyBell C.
- Patrick Suskind

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