A Timeless Fragrance - Neroli

Neroli - a flower that smells irresistibly sweet, honeyed and mildly metallic with a hint of spice is now an indispensable part of the fragrance industry. Neroli oil is withdrawn from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Intriguingly, Neroli was named after a sixteenth-century princess from Nerola, Italy, who adored the fragrance of orange blossoms. Neroli is a fragrant reminder of how purity and eternal love are intertwined.

The History of Neroli and its Global Relevance Today

Neroli has its strong footprints in the history of plague; it helped people fighting with it effectively. In ancient times, Egyptians used Neroli to make incense sticks. Besides being an effective source of hydration, Neroli oil is extensively used in the Perfumery and Fragrance industry today. It is one of the scent industry's most sought-after ingredients. By the end of the 17th century, Anne Marie Orsini, duchess of Bracciano and princess of Nerola, Italy, popularised the fragrance by using it to perfume her gloves and bathing ritual. Ever since then, the term neroli has been used to describe the essence.

Today, it is one of the most widely used floral oil in perfumery, and it causes sensitization because of its high aromatic concentration. Owing to its heavenly fragrance, a wide range of Neroli skincare products are available in the market today. This head-turning fragrance is also adored by Italian aristocrats. The Duchess of Bracciano loved the heavenly aroma so much that she was even hailed as 'Princess Nerola'. Neroli - The idyllic oil has also been used in weddings because of its calming and comforting properties.

Neroli Essence: A Magical Infusion in Aromatherapy

Neroli, The Bitter Orange Essential Oil does wonder when applied on the Skin. The Neroli oil is sourced from the orange tree in the favourable climate of the Mediterranean region, the origin of this potent and curative oil. Neroli has been used for the body and mind in aromatherapy for centuries. Besides using it in perfumery, it is also used for making scents for bathwater. It works wonders for overall health and wellness.

Neroli is highly beneficial when combined with massage; it leaves a more positive effect on the body and mood than aromatherapy alone. This method of bringing aromatherapy and body massage has tremendously benefited people fighting stress and insomnia. A body massage paired with Neroli oil helps improve blood circulation and reduce pain, muscle soreness and immune function. It is one of the most effective ways to combat negative thoughts and simply diffuse the oil to lighten and scent the surroundings.

Neroli oil, when combined with chamomile oil and lavender, effectively combats anxiety and high blood pressure. It is also considered sleep nectar by opening the doors for relaxation and calmness.

Benefits & Other Uses of Neroli Essence

With its incredible benefits, Bitter Orange Essential oil or Neroli oil proves to be one of the revolutionary ingredients in treating skin care problems. It can be immensely gratifying for various other usages; read below to reap a few rewards.

Promotes Sound Sleep and creative thinking

Neroli is widely used in the aromatherapy and fragrance industry as it promotes sound sleep by being a natural tranquillizer. It has a mild hypnotic effect and is proved to be an effective catalyst for encouraging creative thinking. Traditionally, Neroli, with its regenerative properties, heals the tensed brain muscles and de-stress the mind completely. Neroli oil, a phenomenal fragrance, is used to refresh the mood and senses.

A Skincare Nectar

Neroli oil is extensively used in deep tissue body massage as well. One can also use Neroli oil to treat inflamed skin and acne breakouts and thus heal Pitta dosha imbalances of Skin. Applying it directly to pimples and irritated skin areas with the help of a cotton pad and leaving it overnight will help you combat acne problems well. It uplifts your Skin, body and mind with the abundant benefits of rejuvenating and balancing Neroli Essential Oil.

A Powerhouse of Hydration, Rejuvenation and Skin Revival

Neroli oil incredibly softens the Skin and locks in your Skin's natural moisture. It provides a natural protective barrier to ensure natural radiance by keeping your Skin dewy throughout the day. By targeting the epidermis for the appearance of the Skin, Neroli oil leaves your Skin glowy and enhances the complexion. It also works effectively on wrinkles and fine lines. With its anti-bacterial properties, it targets breakouts and balances excess sebum production. Being rich in antioxidants, neroli oil combats free radicals and soothes breakout-induces inflammation and redness.

A Timeless Fragrance Box Curated for You

Our Neroli Essence Box envelops you in the refreshing, aromatic, and senses soothing fragrance. This gift box encapsulates a luxurious Shower Gel, Soothing Body Lotion and Face and Body Mist that adds eternal love to your skin and body care regimes. The enchanting fragrance has traditional and distinctive notes with just the right amount of romance and cheerfulness to transport you seamlessly into the dreamland of love and cheerfulness.

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