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5 DIY Hair Masks for Dry Hair

Did you know that a hair mask to treat dry, brittle hair doesn’t have to cost a bomb? One can come up with 10 different versions of hair masks made using one common ingredient. This post, however, will talk about various hair masks one can make using common kitchen ingredients. We genuinely want you to have endless good hair days through all seasons.

Homemade Hair Masks for Hair Growth

1 Banana and Coconut Oil

Your overripe bananas combined with coconut oil can work wonders if you have been dealing with dry, rough hair. Bananas are a rich source of Vitamin B6, Potassium, Protein and other nutrients that are known to moisturise the scalp. Meanwhile, Coconut is rich in Lauric Acid which improves scalp health, prevents infections and boosts hair growth. These are the most common ingredients on our kitchen shelves, all you need is a blender and half an hour to let the mask settle in.

Coconut Oil for Hair care

2 Honey and Olive Oil

Make a smooth blend of Olive Oil and Honey to apply along your hair. The former has rich moisturising properties & Vitamin E that prevents hair fall, while the latter seals in moisture and has conditioning properties.

Olive Oil for Hair care

3 Lemon and Yogurt

The astringent properties can effectively cleanse your scalp and get rid of dandruff. It also helps to unclog hair follicles and boost hair growth. Yogurt is known for vitamins and fatty acids which help moisturise your hair.

Lemon for your Hair Care

4 Just Egg Yolk

Separate the yolk from the white and mix it thoroughly with a little water in a bowl. Apply it in your scalp and hair and let the mixture rest for half an hour. This will moisturise your hair and add a shine to it. Enriched with vitamins A and E, egg yolk can infuse your scalp with nutrients and boost hair growth.

Egg for your Hair care

5 Aloe Vera

We are familiar with the moisturising benefits of Aloe Vera. It is succulent, has enzymes, fatty acids, nourishing vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties that are excellent for dry hair. Blend it with some coconut oil for soft, nourished hair.

Aloe Vera for Hair Care

All the best!

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