Ayurveda-approved healthy hair habits during monsoon!

Each of us is born with a different Prakriti that determines our health and overall wellbeing. Our body constitutes of three doshas- Vata, Kapha and Pitta, the three elements that govern the body's proper functioning. Any imbalance in any one of the doshas, and we start noticing drastic changes, either internally or externally. Ayurveda recommends a seasonal purification or Panchakarma during the monsoon to balance our doshas. The cool, humid weather slows down the Vata dosha and aggravates Pitta and Kapha dosha, leading to various skin and hair issues.

Moisture aggravates frizziness, dandruff, greasiness, hair that lacks lustre and most importantly, monsoon hair fall! These problems further trigger Kapha dosha, resulting in microbial infections that weaken the root and lead to hair fall, breakage, and other concerns. We consulted our Ayurvedic experts for a monsoon hair care routine to regain lost hair health.

Oiling - Ayurveda suggests the best way to keep your hair moisturised is by oiling your hair at least twice a week to keep dry hair at bay. Oiling boosts blood circulation, prevents monsoon hair fall, de-stresses your scalp and strengthens follicles.

Mild cleansing - If you’re someone who loves to step out in the rain to enjoy the weather, you might want to rethink the same for the sake of your hair. Rainwater is acidic and can disrupt the PH levels of your scalp, making it greasy and prone to hair fall, breakage & monsoon hair fall. Thus, washing your hair immediately after the rain shower is imperative.

Our Ayurveda experts suggest using only sulphate and paraben-free shampoos as part of your monsoon hair care routine. Ayurvedic shampoos don’t strip the natural oils from the scalp and gently cleanse it while nourishing it at the same time.

Deep conditioning - Whether it’s a hair mask or a conditioner, hydration and nourishment of the scalp and hair should be the top priority during monsoon. They help prevent frizziness and dull hair. Our Ayurvedic experts recommend using only Ayurvedic conditioners that help protect and repair simultaneously.

Air-drying - Hair follicles are the weakest when your hair is wet, so one should always wait for the hair to dry before combing. Avoid using a hair dryer or heat and chemicals during the monsoon to prevent causing further damage and stress to the hair. Leave them to air dry and brush them from tip to root to avoid entangled hair.

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