3 Make Up must haves for every woman in her beauty bag

As much as it is fun experimenting with makeup, repeating the routine everyday can be quite a task! One can, however, create a whole new look with just 3 products. Not only will your skin feel light and natural, you can also play around with quite a few renditions.

1 BB Cream with SPF

BB Creams are a quick hack and unlike foundations, do not sit too hard on your face. Neither do they melt or require baking. Those with an SPF also protect you from UV rays. While choosing a shade, always do a swatch test starting from the jawline to your neck and see if it blends with your skin. Just remember that some BB creams leave a light tint while others provide a medium coverage. 

Ayurvedic BB cream

2 Lipsticks

“A good shade of lipstick is all a woman needs” quite literally. It is amazing how it can instantly change the way one looks. Pick a neutral shade such as a Red or Pink. The same can be used on the cheeks for a tint. Use a matte or a semi-matte lipstick and apply it on your upper eyelids for a tint. 

Ayurvedic Lipstick Shades

3 Mascara 

Invest in a good mascara no matter what! Other than giving your eyelashes the warrior look, it can also help in shaping your eyebrows. Use the tip “very lightly” to comb the brows and add some dark tint. 

Mascara Uses

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