4 Things to Look for in a Lip Gloss this Monsoon

Have you been avoiding lip glosses all summer because it’s difficult to find one that doesn’t get sticky or smudge easily? While we love the glossy shine, nobody wants to ruin the look and feel of their lips with a thick & smeary lip gloss, especially in humid weather.

Here’s your chance to make the switch if you need a break from lipsticks this monsoon. A radiant, hydrated and dewy look is the latest trend this season, and here’s how you can choose the perfect lip gloss that can be worn either over lipstick or even as is, on its own.


1 Look for Hydration in your Lip Gloss

Dry and chapped lips are not just a winter problem. Frequent sun exposure & the transition from heat to air conditioning can make it worse. Moreover, the skin on our lips is thinner as compared to the skin on the rest of our body & does not contain oil glands to lock-in moisture. Go for a lip gloss that not only delivers the shine but also gives your lips a boost of hydration

Ayurvedic Lip Gloss

2 Organic & Natural Oil Based

An all-natural lip gloss infused with oils derived from Almond, Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, etc. can protect your lips and keep them nourished in the long run. Moreover, these ingredients are rich in essential vitamins & antioxidants that repair skin damage and prevent dryness.

3 Non-Sticky & Light-Weight

Go for a lip gloss that does its work without making your lips greasy or settling into creases. Avoid the ones that carry Petroleum, Wax & Artificial pigments. Not only do they make your lips sticky but also damage the skin by causing dryness and irritation.

4 Certifications

While picking your lip gloss, don’t forget to look for the brand’s accreditations to confirm that the product is genuinely 100% Organic & Natural. For example, SoulTree’s lip glosses carry the European certification from COSMOS “Natural” which certifies that the product has been made using organic & natural ingredients and hasn’t been tested on animals.

Cosmos Natural Certification

Now that you know about the few things that one needs to know before getting a lip gloss, do not shy away from the shine this season.


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