Learn the Ancient Recipe of Kajal made using 3000-Year-Old Process!

If you're an Indian reading this, you’d agree when we say since the time we are infants, the first beauty product we are made familiar with is a Kajal. The tiny dot of ‘nazaar’ on the baby to ward off the evil eye, as a teenager, the need to ask for permission to apply kajal to feel all decked up and as a woman, the daily lining of the waterline right when you're about to start your day. Kajal has been an integral part of the makeup of almost every Indian household. Often an understated product, Kajal has made its round around the world and is now a staple in every woman’s makeup vanity. While we splurge a handsome amount on brands for chemically-aided products made with non-sustainable methods every month, there's nothing like an organic homemade kajal that's ready in just 1 hour! Here, we intend to educate you on everything you need to know about kajal, what it feels like, its benefits, tracing its origins and finally reveal the ancient organic ayurvedic homemade Kajal recipe!

What is Ayurvedic Kajal?

Ayurvedic or organic Kajal, can be made using naturally occurring ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen and at home. These eyes and skin-benefitting ingredients such as pure Ghee, Almond oil, Carom seeds, Sandalwood powder, Saffron and more are incredibly safe to use daily in the form of a kajal. The result is the sooty black mixture that’s soft with a creamy consistency making it easy to apply to the eyes.

A staple in every woman's makeup collection, we’d all agree there is nothing that can define your eyes better than a Kajal. It even adds that extra charm and glamour and can enhance your features. Talk about a hundred years ago, and today, if any makeup product has stood the test of time, it is definitely a Kajal. From our grandmothers to our mothers and now us, lining eyes with the beautiful black sooty mixture daily, or on days when you wanted to make a subtle yet mesmerising statement, is a tradition none of us is willing to forego.

Is homemade Kajal good for your eyes and better than professional ones?

In the era of DIYs, when everything is being made from the comfort of your homes, people are happily returning to ancient recipes that are free from chemicals and preservatives. Things like mascara and eyeliner, beauty essentials we apply so close to the eyes, are highly concentrated with mercury, parabens, sulphates, lead and many harmful such substances that can lead to skin infections and blindness.

What is the origin of organic kajal?

It is believed organic kajal originated in Egypt around 4000 years ago, deriving its name from the term ‘Kohl’ or ‘Kuhl’ in Arabic. Egyptians loved to adorn makeup, which is quite evident from all the fresco paintings found over the years. An essential cosmetic commodity, they regarded kajal or kohl not only as an adornment but as a cure for eye ailments. They would darken their eyes by lining both upper and lower lash lines with heavy amounts of kajal, for they believed it protected their eyes from the sun.

Why did women make organic Kajal at home in India?

Used since the 7th century or so, Indian women used to make organic Kajal to protect themselves from the evil eye of strangers, to adorn themselves, and to keep their eyes cool during summers by adding camphor and sandalwood. They also used it for babies’ eyes and as a dot to ward off negative vibes, a tradition which is still prevalent. Being organic, it never harmed the eyes, was quickly made in an hour and was one of the most used cosmetic items.

What do people call kajal in several parts of India?

A land of diversity, Kajal’s name is bound to change in almost every state. Some people call it ‘Surma’ in Punjab, ‘Kaatuka’ in Telugu, ‘Kan mai’ in Tamil, ‘kaadige’ in Kannada and so on.

What are Ayurvedic Kajal’s benefits? And is homemade kajal good for your eyes?

. Homemade Kajal’s benefits range from moisturising the eyes to keeping them hydrated.
. Enhances eyes’ shine and strengthens eye muscles and nerves
. It provides a cooling and calming effect on the eyes
. Cleans salt deposit present in the eyes
. It helps in keeping dark circles at bay

Where can I find an Ayurvedic organic Kajal online?

At SoulTree, we offer 100% certified organic Ayurvedic Kajals made with pure Ghee, Camphor and other beneficial naturally occurring ingredients. We know how important it is for you to steer clear of products that are free from chemicals and thus provide you with one of our favourite offerings at SoulTree. Made using a 3000-year-old traditional recipe, our Kajals are certified ‘Natural’ by BDIH and free from chemicals such as parabens, sulphates etc.
How to make kajal at home?

We found the easiest recipe to make homemade kajal that's good for the eyes with Ayurvedic Kajal benefits. Apply it to yourself or to your baby without a worry in the world.

1. Pure Ghee
2. 2-4 saffron threads
3. 4-6 Almonds
4. Sandalwood paste
5. 1 tsp Ajwain Seeds
6. Cotton as wick
7. Copperplate
8. Spoon
9. Empty container
10. Almond oil
11. 1 burning lamp
12. 2-3 small bowls

Step 1: Dip the cotton in the sandalwood paste and let it dry.
Step 2: Fill the burning lamp with Pure Ghee and place the bowls on either side to support the copper plate.
Step 3: Put the ajwain seeds and crushed almond in the sandalwood-clad cotton and roll it to form a wick.
Step 4: Now light the wick and place it underneath the copper plate for the soot to get collected.
Step 5: Once the wick is finished, carefully remove the copper plate and scrap the black soot in an empty container.
Step 6: Now, take a few drops of the Almond oil and mix it in the soot until you get the desired consistency.
Step 7: Your very own DIY organic Kajal is ready to use.

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