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Looking your best does not have to be so hard. Read on to know the common make-up Faux Pas, and make sure you get them right:

Common Makeup Blunder

1  Applying Make-up on Bare Skin

If the face isn’t thoroughly moisturised before applying any make-up, it will become flaky and cracked, making the skin dry. Make sure to properly hydrate the skin by using a daily-use cream or a moisturiser to give your make-up the right base to start.

Try SoulTree’s Nourishing cream or Apricot Moisturiser for smooth and supple skin.
Organic and Ayurvedic cream

2  Applying the Wrong Shade of or too much Foundation

To check whether a shade is right for you, do a patch test on your neck or jawline and choose the shade that blends the best with your skin tone under natural light. Never over-apply the foundation, or else it will look too prominent and make your face look cakey. Lastly, always blend it well into the neck, forehead hairline and around the ears. 

3  Using Lipstick on Cracked Lips

Before applying lipstick, make sure to use a lip scrub or just your toothbrush to remove any dead skin, and follow it up by using a lip balm to hydrate the lips. Exfoliating your lips is as important as your face, so keep a lip balm handy at all times.

Use SoulTree’s Ayurvedic Lipsticks to keep your lips nourished and beautiful. 

Ayurvedic and Organic Lipsticks

4  Overusing the Mascara

Ideally, two coats of Mascara are enough lest they make your eyelashes heavy and clumpy. The right way to apply it is to heat and use an eye-lash curler and then slowly apply one coat to the upper lashes, and then a second one to inject some volume. Use the wand vertically to apply on the lower lashes.

Invest in a Natural and Ayurvedic Mascara, such as SoulTree’s Pure Black and Soft Brown mascaras, to give your eyelashes a natural volume while making them strong. 

5  Not Removing Make-up before Sleeping

This is a habit one needs to grow out of. Prevent dry skin, signs of ageing, infections, rashes and breakouts by removing your make-up with a good cleansing lotion or make-up remover before going to bed.

Try SoulTree’s Cleansing Lotion for cleaner and healthier skin.

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