Decoding Men's Skincare Routine the Ayurvedic Way!

No two individuals are the same; thus, no skin type is the same. Skin type varies from dry to oily to combination skin. But one thing that separates us is gender, which leads to significant differences in skin types. Male skin is thicker with hair follicles, which makes the skin prone to oiliness, open pores and irritated skin. Their skin goes through so much daily trauma due to shaving, cuts, and inflammation that, in turn, makes the skin more sensitive and susceptible to infections & ingrown hair.

The general perception is that a skincare routine for men is not entirely required. The higher collagen level in their skin slows the ageing process, which makes the skin look ‘tough and rugged’. However, Ayurveda believes no skin should be left as is. Just like women, men’s skin needs equal amounts of care and nourishment. The daily trauma slows down the healing process and contributes to skin with textures and wrinkles.

For skin that is flawless and free from wrinkles, in the long run, Ayurveda suggests some regular exercising, change in diet patterns according to Doshas and using products with Ayurvedic formulations. Ayurveda-formulated products are enriched with potent single-origin botanicals, power-packed herbs, and spices that repair, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin from within.

When it comes to deciding on a skincare regimen, it ultimately spirals down to the concern one may want to take care of. While females have a habit of hoarding multiple products for multiple concerns, Ayurveda suggests incorporating limited products that take care of multiple issues in one go.

Why is a good skincare men routine important?

Good skin is extremely important and difficult to maintain for both men and women. It involves more than just washing your face with water or a face wash. Having a good skincare routine does not necessarily mean owning multiple products that target different skin concerns. Sometimes, all you need is that one product does it all for you, keeping in mind your skin type and concerns.

Why do men need to take care of their skin?

Since the testosterone level in men is higher than in women, it leads to thicker skin with thicker and courser hair on their face along with open pores that enlarge with age. The hormone balance in men also determines the composition of the skin, the thickness, smoothness, texture, oil production and skin elasticity.

According to Ayurveda, the Pitta Dosha in men is often aggravated and imbalanced, which results in acne, breakouts, oily skin, dullness and much more. To balance it out, there are face serums for men and face creams for men, which help control the aggravated Pitta and the issues that come with it.

As we age, our skin demands more hydration and nourishment, along with some added love and care that helps our skin age better. With a proper skincare routine and balancing of Doshas, our skin can be supple, hydrated, moisturised, nourished and youthful.

What are the skin types according to Doshas?

According to Ayurveda, all of us have a skin type depending on the dominant Doshas of our body - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Some people also have a combination skin type where their skin has the properties of 2 Doshas.

Vata: Dry, rough, uneven skin tone and prone to fine lines & wrinkles.

Pitta: Sensitive, soft, warm, and prone to tan, acne and sunburn.

Kapha: Oily, dull with enlarged pores, prone to cystic acne.

What to do to maintain an easy men's skincare routine?

While a regular skincare routine ensures healthy skin, our diet also plays an important role in determining how our skin looks in the long run. To maintain an easy routine, do the following:

Cleansing- To begin with, the first step to kick-start your skincare routine is washing your face twice a day. Once when you wake up to wash off the night’s gunk and then before hitting the bed to wash off the day’s impurities. It is important to use a face wash for men that is sulphate and paraben-free, gentle on the skin, and doesn't strip off the skin’s natural oils.

This gentle everyday soap-free face cleanser by SoulTree is prepared with organic Nutgrass, Neem and Chamomile to deep cleanse the skin. Ideal for people who may suffer from regular breakouts, it removes excess oil and prevents blackheads, dullness and hyperpigmentation.

In addition, it is advisable to scrub your skin once a week to remove all the dead skin cells, black and whiteheads.

This gentle exfoliator removes dead skin cells and evens out the skin texture, making the skin clear, radiant, soft and supple. This ultimate skin-detoxifying concoction unclogs pores, controls oil secretion and helps remove tan.

Toning- One of the most undervalued skincare steps, toning is essential to lock in the moisture in your skin. It helps eliminate excess oil or dirt in your pores that may have been missed by your facial cleanser. It also minimises your enlarged pores and improves the appearance of skin texture.

The toning & cooling properties present in the toner cool the heated skin, soothe redness, and effectively tighten pores. This light concoction of facial toner provides immense hydration and reduces wrinkles that, give a natural luminous glow to the skin.

Moisturising: Moisturising the skin happens in varied ways, and each body part and skin type requires its routine and product for moisturisation.

Every skin type needs a different kind of moistening agent.

Facial Serum- face serum for men is best for those with an oily skin type.

This non-greasy, light serum deeply moisturises your skin, leaving it plump and radiant. Pure Organic Hemp Oil calms inflammation, promotes deep repair and rejuvenates the skin.

Facial Oil- face oils for men are best suited for those with dry skin type.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties boost the skin’s luminosity, making it look radiant and youthful. This facial oil is ultra-hydrating and instantly imparts a natural dewy glow.

Creams & moisturisers-

For face: SoulTree’s Advanced Kumkumadi & Hemp range offers one of the best face creams for men in India. Enriched with the goodness of potent 100% Organic Mogra Saffron and 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil, respectively, the day and night creams penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing it with its skin-benefitting properties.

For body: Enriched with rich single-origin botanical extracts, the Apricot moisturiser and Hemp body butter provide intense nourishment to the skin and make it soft and supple.

What are the benefits of using organic men's skincare products by SoulTree?

Free from Sulphate and parabens
Free from animal cruelty
Dont contain harmful chemicals
Gives your skin a natural glow
Delays the process of ageing
Provide intense nourishment and moisturisation to the skin
Enriched with the goodness of single-origin botanical extracts

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