Best Skincare Routine For Dry Skin: Tips & Trick

Are you the friend who always has a moisturiser & lip balm on them? Is having dry, flaky skin and chapped lips an everyday thing for you? Although extremely common, taking care of dry & dehydrated skin can sometimes become strenuous, especially in the colder regions.

Dry Skin Care Routine

Luckily for you, this article comes with a quick and simple 4 step skin care guide for dry skin. Follow it regularly to get a well moisturised, hydrated and nourished skin this season. 


Start your mornings with a gentle and mild cleanser that will help remove dirt and other impurities without drying out the skin too much. Make sure to use a face wash that is soap-free with other mild ingredients that will help soothe your skin instead of further drying it out. 

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2 Tone

The next step is to use a toner that will help hydrate and balance your skin. Pick an alcohol-free toner and use it with a cotton wool pad to double cleanse your skin or spray it on your face and neck. A good toner will help detoxify your skin leaving it calm and nourished.

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3 Moisturise 

Moisturisation is the most essential step in this skin care routine. Pick an oil-based moisturiser and use it on your damp face. This will help the skin on your face to retain its moisture. Pick a moisturiser or a face cream that is rich in Aloe and Glycerin to help nourish the skin and leave it soft and smooth. 

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(Body Care) Apricot Moisturiser with Honey & Kokum Butter, (Face Care) Nourishing Cream – Saffron & Almond Oil with Natural Vitamin E 

Natural and Ayurvedic Moisturisers and Creams

4 Face Oil 

Most people are wary of using any kind of oil on their face, however, contrary to popular belief, face oils can be a magic potion for a radiant, natural glow! Pick one that is light and non-greasy and rich in oils of Almond and Coconut to add an extra layer of protection to your skin. 

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