The Only Summer Skincare Guide you need in 2022

Summer is at its peak in India with some cities going beyond 40 degrees. The high temperatures doesn’t only affect your body and mood but it also takes a toll on your skin. The warm weather brings its own set of challenges for your skin and questions like “ Should I still moisturise in this weather as my skin is oily” come up. Dry skin on the other hand has its own issues during summers.

In this guide, "we bring you the best summer skin-care advice that you would need this summer 2022".We have broken down the skin-care routine according to different skin types. That’s why we happily proclaim this is the only skin-care guide you’ll need this summer 2022.

1. Summer skin problems

We’ll begin with the common skin-care problems faced during summer. The hot and humid temperature causes excessive sweating and oil production which is the basic reason behind most summer skin problems.

Some of the most common skin problems faced during the hot season are:

a. Heat Rash or Sweat Rash- Heat rash doesn’t only affect babies. Adults can get affected too during hot and humid conditions. It happens due to excessive sweating which gets trapped under the skin causing tiny itchy blisters or even inflamed bumps.

heat rash on skin due to sweat in summer

Solution-  Keeping the body temperature low by taking cool showers, sitting under air conditioners, using ice-packs or wet clothes over the affected area and even applying sandalwood paste or aloe vera gel topically can help relieve the condition

b. Sun Allergy- Sun Allergy also known as Solar urticaria is a type of allergic urticaria or hives which causes skin rash due to sun exposure. The skin welts along with itchy and reddish spots within a few minutes of sun exposure. Although the condition can be prevalent throughout the year, there may be more frequent flares during the hotter season due to the presence of more environmental triggers like excessive sweating.

Sun allergy in summer

Solution- The only solution is protecting yourself from the sun. Wear sun-protective clothes, sun shades and invest in a good quality sunscreen.

c. Sunburn- Sunburn is another common skin problem faced during summers. Sunlight emits UV rays which is useful in other ways but over-exposure poses health risks including skin-damage. People are more susceptible to sunburn during summers because the UV radiation from the sun is highest during summers. People with light skin, blue eyes and blond hair have a higher risk of sunburn because they produce less melanin.

sunburn in summer

Solution- Again prevention is the best way to protect from sunburn. Wearing hats, sunshades, sun-protective clothes and using a good quality sunscreen is the best way to protect from sun-burn.

d. Tanning- Tanning is another very common skin woe of the hotter season. It just takes about 15 mins to 1 hour of sun exposure during the hot weather for your skin to tan. Thankfully, tanning is not a permanent condition and over time your skin repairs itself. 

tanning under sun

Solution- Again prevention is the solution. Cover your skin using sun-protective clothing or accessories. Also don’t forget that sunscreen. If you’ve already tanned your skin, you can use products designed for faster tan removal. Natural remedies like aloe vera, lime juice, etc have also been known to remove tanning.

e. Dry and irritated skin- Although most people suffer from oily skin during summers, some people can also have dry skin issues. This can be due to factors like prolonged exposure to sun, use of pool water and being in an air-conditioned environment for long spans.

dry skin in summer

Solution- Use a mild cleanser followed by a chemical- free moisturiser. Don’t forget to use sunscreen before going out in the sun.

  • f. Oily skin with acne breakouts-
  • Now, this one is a typical summer skin problem for most people. And it’s obvious!! 
  • All that heat and perspiration make the sebaceous gland work more causing more than usual oil production. To top that, the sweat blends with the oil and bacteria causing clogging of pores leading to what we call “breakouts”. Yes, those annoying acne breakouts…

    oily skin and acne breakout summer

    Solution- Keeping your skin clean from that oil and perspiration should help a lot. Using a clean cloth or tissue  to blot that sweat and wash your face at least twice a day or after excessive sweating. Use skincare products designed to combat the issues of acne-prone skin which are chemical free and non-comedogenic.

    So, those were some of the common skin problems faced during summers. Now, you know that, let’s see what skincare regime you can follow to combat those pesky skin issues.


    2. Summer skin care routine

    Let’s give you a  daily regime which you can easily follow this summer.

    a. Start your day with a mild chemical free cleanser- It’s super important to wash your face first thing in the morning. It helps to clear up that buildup of oil and dirt you accumulated while sleeping. It’s important to follow the cleansing schedule religiously which can otherwise lead to more buildup of oil, dirt and bacteria leading to acne breakouts.

    cleansing routine for summer

    b. Exfoliate every now and then- Exfoliating doesn’t have to be part of your daily summer care routine. However, doing it once or twice a week should help you cleanse your skin from within. It will help to remove all those dry and dead cells which can be sitting on top of your skin causing oil and sweat to get trapped within. 

    Exfoliation routine

    You can use a natural exfoliator like coffee grounds and sea salt or you can use any good face scrub free from chemicals. Remember, you need to do this only once or twice a week. Over-exfoliating can severely irritate your skin leading to bruises and rashes. We, of course, don’t want to happen to you.

    c. Use a refreshing toner- Toners are the much needed products during summers. Toners have astringent properties which help to tighten your skin and close the pores. Excessive sweating and sebum production can cause opening of pores which leads to acne. So, it’s essential to add in a toner in your daily skin care routine this hot season.

    Toner routine

    d. Moisturise, Moisturise!!- Some people think oily skin doesn’t need moisturisation because there’s already so much greasiness there. Well, that’s called misinformation.

    Moisturisation routine


    All skin types need proper moisturisation and hydration to maintain its elasticity and PH levels. It’s important to choose the right type of moisturiser according to your skin type. First of all, the basic rule is that the moisturiser should be free from chemicals and artificial fragrance. Use an organic and natural moisturiser free from all those nasty toxins. Then, go for non-comedogenic ones if you have oily skin. 

    If you have super dry skin, go for a highly moisturising one.

    e. Don’t forget to add that sunscreen in your bucket - A sunscreen is a must in summers before going in the sun. It helps to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays emitted during summer. Most dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or higher.

    sunscreen for protection from sun

    This was a day skincare routine to be followed during summers. If you want to follow a night care skin routine for the hot season, check this post out for night care routine.

    3. Summer skincare tips


    Now, it’s time for some super useful tips you shouldn’t be missing if you want to take good care of your skin.

    a. Go light on makeup - Wearing heavy makeup on a hot day can make you feel like you’re wearing a cake on your face. All that sweat and oil can also make the makeup come off easily making a mess. Instead go for light makeup and let your skin breathe.

    light makeup during summer
    b. Use makeup with SPF - Try to use a foundation with SPF.  This will help you to survive an outdoor wedding party or an open-air lunch.

    makeup with sunscreen
    c. Hydrate! Hydrate!! - We can’t stress enough about hydration during summers. 


    You already know “You are what you eat” but it’s also “You are what you drink”.


    Drink enough water throughout the day and snack up on water-rich fruits like watermelon.

    drinking enough water during summers
    d. Eat foods high in antioxidants- Antioxidants are the best stuff for your skin health. They reduce free radicals in the body and thus help to reduce oxidative stress. The lesser the oxidative stress, the slower is the ageing process of your skin. They also help you to get rid of other skin woes like blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation, etc. Summer is the time when fruits, vegetables and berries high in antioxidants are available in abundance. 

    fruits and vegetables

    e. Use Face masks- Face masks are a must for summers. You can use DIY face masks made out of natural cooling ingredients like aloe vera, lemon juice, cucumber, watermelon, rose water, sandalwood, multani mitti (fuller’s earth). You can use any combination of these ingredients. You can find lots of recipes online.

    face mask

    One of the best face masks to use during summers is clay mask. Clay masks not only have a cooling effect but also help to control excess oil and clean your pores. It’s also good for exfoliation.

    You can add our Hemp Oil enriched clay mask to your exfoliation routine.

    Hemp Clay mask for oily skin


    f. Wear sun-protective clothing and accessories- Sun-protective clothing and accessories like hat, cap, sunglasses, umbrella, face cover, etc should not be taken lightly. They can help you a lot from the sun damage.

    Sun protection hat

     4. Summer skincare routine according to skin type:

    We have already shared a general skincare routine for this season. You can refer to that if you have normal skin.

    You’ll need a little bit of change if you have skin types from the following:




    • Summer skin care routine for dry skin-

    The basic routine of CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturising) + Sunscreen + Weekly exfoliation remains the same for dry skin also. The difference lies in choosing the right product type for your skin.

    You need to start with choosing the cleanser suitable for dry skin. And then the right toner and moisturiser. You can add some milk for extra moisturization to your DIY exfoliating masks or scrubs.


    • Summer skincare routine for combination skin-

    Again the basic CTM regime remains the same for combination skin. Combination skin is a bit tricky to deal with because some areas of your skin are prone to dryness while others like the T zone produce excess oil. You need to find a balanced approach to take care of your skin. Don’t either go for too heavy moisturisers which might help the dry areas on your face but will adversely affect the T zone. Instead go for light-weight and water based products whether it is cleansing, toning or moisturising. Go for light-weight sunscreen as well.

    • Summer skincare routine for oily skin-

    Oily skin issues are the most common issues during summer as the sebaceous glands become more active. Excessive oil production, clogging of pores, acne breakouts are very common for those with oily skin. Again the CTM routine has to be followed. Water-based and non-comedogenic products are the best suited for oily skin. Exfoliation is a must for oily skin. Try to do it twice a week but not more than that. Excess oil production leads to clogging of pores, so it's important to exfoliate. Choose an oil-free sunscreen or one that is suitable for all skin types.

    4. Summer skincare products 

    Below are some summer skincare essentials which are a must in your skincare bucket. You can use any brand but it’s important that you choose the ones which are chemical free. Naturally made skincare products are the best as they are free from toxins, preservatives and synthetic fragrance.

    We have listed below some of the essential skincare products. You can check out the ones from SoulTree also.

    a. Sunscreen - We have been talking about sunscreen a lot throughout this blogpost. Sunscreen helps to protect from UV rays which are high on radiation during the hot season. Most dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or higher. Our sun protection cream SPF 30 blended with aloe and Green Tea will give you the needed protection against sun during this weather.


    b. Detanning products- Some natural ingredients have been known to speed up the de-tanning process of your skin (although your skin naturally does it overtime). Natural ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood, lemon etc have been known to help remove tan. Our 3-step de-tan regimen helps you to effectively fight against the inevitable tanning during summer.

    detanning kit from soul tree


    c. Exfoliating scrubs and masks with cooling ingredients -  Scrubs and masks with cooling ingredients help you not only exfoliate from within but also have a cooling effect on your skin ( much needed this season!!)

    Our products like the  Walnut & Turmeric face scrub with cooling sandalwood helps not only exfoliate, detan but also cool. Walnut helps to exfoliate, turmeric helps with that tan and sandalwood helps to cool.

     Face scrub with walnut and turmeric

  • d. Summer care kit- If you don’t want to engage in the fuss of choosing what’s right and what’s not for your skin, you can go for summer skin care kits. We have two product bundles for summer skincare - summer facial care kit and summer protection kits. Both the kits have a face scrub, face wash and sun protection cream. The summer protection kit comes with an additional detan face pack. You can choose from any of them according to your needs.

    Summer skincare regimen/kit/bundle

    Final Word - 

    That was all from us to take care of your skin this summer 2022 according to your skin types. Some key takeaways from the blogpost are-

    • CTM regime is a must ( you just need to choose right products for your skin type)
    • Exfoliate at least once every week
    • Sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is your saviour before going in the sun
    • Sun-protective clothes and accessories like a hat, cap, umbrella, and sunshade come very handy and can prevent a lot from sun damage.


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