As we approach the week of love, we are thinking about all the things we love deeply. After all, love is a feeling, and feelings flow everywhere, don’t they?


This Valentine's week, Let Love Go Beyond


This time, together, let’s find and spread love in the most unexpected places which make us more conscious of our being, with the most underrated people who make us feel elevated, to the most unappreciated causes which give our life meaning.

Love Beyond a Person

At SoulTree, every person makes us who we are. From the employees in our corporate office to the hands in our factory, from the quick minds in our warehouse, to the genuine hearts of our farmers, every person, together, makes us, us. Each one is the backbone of our brand and rarely ever surface in the limelight. They play their parts, silently, with a smile and a conviction that drives our brand, and us.


Love Beyond A Person


Today, take a moment to think about the people that make you, you. From that partner in crime, or that 3 am phone call friend, from that sibling that we parent, or those who parent us; love is true of all kinds. Find them, celebrate them, and think about what they mean to you.

Love Beyond a Place

While at work, we try to be conscious of every place we are in or are surrounded by. From being cautious of the resources we consume in our corporate office to protecting the environment that we source from, from contributing to the livelihood of our farmers to celebrating the place we are in, we have made each space our own.


Love Beyond A Person


Try to look around and see every place that adds to who you are. Think about each space, from that park you love taking a walk in, that friend’s place you can crash at, or your first childhood home.

Love Nature Back

A giver, nature helps us survive and sustain, in many ways. With our efforts, we try to give back to what we take from. To be an earth-friendly initiative, we take small steps to make every part of our office, products and its ingredients, sustainable and organic.


Love Nature Back


Take a moment to see if anything you do or consume harms the nature or you in the long run. Take a step back and think of ways in which you can show your love to nature. Plant a tree, take a walk instead of your car, or use your own bag instead of that plastic, maybe?

Love Your Own Self

While you celebrate your partner, your people, your home and the environment, remember to take some time and give some love to yourself too!

At SoulTree, everything we do, say or act on, comes from our core beliefs of who we are. With truth in our heart and authenticity in our actions, everything we build is a part of our value system.


Love Your Own Self


Take a moment to think about what you believe in and what makes you, you. From every belief you have, to everything you enjoy doing for yourself, like reading a book or running a marathon, find what makes you move. And give this day to doing what you love best.

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond what you give and give to yourself instead. For love has many forms, but the love we give ourselves is the one that makes it all worth it.

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  • Loved your concept on Love.Soultree touched my soul. Got a feel that your products are genuine.

    J. Maria Michael on

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