Truthfully Yours

Written By -Vishal Bhandari
November 11 2016


Lakshmi Ramamurthy
February 12 2017

Ive been using your products for over two years. I find the prices really high now. really really makes me think about truthfully yours line.
really good stuff need not be over priced. i feel that the new packaging is an unnnecesary addition to the mix and i am really pained by the increase in prices. please make it sensible. i miss the original kokum butter moisturiser now. now there is an apricot moisturiser thats sooo expensive and some creams that are so little…simple moisturisers are used in good quantities everyday in my home. now i am not seeing an option in your list. feeling irritated enough to write it and send it it to you

December 19 2016

Hello Soultree,

My teenage kids and myself have been using your products for a long time now. And have since referred to many of my friends too but this sudden change in the packaging ( pump dispensing bottles) have inconvenienced me a lot. As I frequently travel these new bottles aren’t too easy for storage hence the inconvenience. I very much preferred the previous original packaging. Hope you would think over this

babuji janakarajan
December 16 2016

I run an Organic farm outlet in coimbatore and currently stocking up for my shop and i am impressed by your products and would like to place an order.Kindly send me your wholesale price list.

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