Important Women of SoulTree

While we don't have to wait for a special day to recognize or appreciate the contribution of women, it stares us in the face every day, I take International women’s day as an opportunity to remind myself how important are women to SoulTree. It also becomes an occasion for me to reconfirm my commitment to accord them all the respect that they rightfully deserve. SoulTree’s very existence depends on women as on one end they are the majority of its customers, hence justifying its existence and on the other they are the providers of our key ingredients thus making this...

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Revealing Truths #1

Does Ayurveda Equal Natural? In its original form, yes, Ayurveda was natural. The Vaidyas of the past used what was available in nature to create remedies for different problems. Herbs were abundant and had high efficacy due to the pristine environs they grew in. Other naturally occurring minerals were also incorporated in the formulations. Most of these formulations were medicinal in nature and their primary objective was to cure. The preparation of these remedies was also done very differently from the way it is done today. They were diligently prepared by the Vaidya or his assistant in the Vaidyashala itself...

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Truthfully Yours

Dear SoulTree supporter,It is my pleasure to present to you the new avatar of SoulTree. At the outset let me assure you that we have only changed the way we look. Our products continue to be created with the same promise that we made 4 years ago, to ourselves and to you.While we have always been clear about the values that SoulTree stands for, last year we started the process of identifying and articulating what defines us. Through a process of inner search as well as carefully listening to the voices around us, we arrived at the one thing that...

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