Face Packs

Radiance Face Pack – Pink Lotus, Saffron & Turmeric

Moisturizes, Heals and Protects the skin, Boosts Radiance, Rejuvenates dull skin, Firms the skin texture, Reduces appearance of Pores.  Radiance...

Rs. 495.00

Detan Face Pack – Mountain Rose, Lemon Peel & Oatmeal

Heals and Sooths sunburns, Calms redness, Soothes skin irritation, Removes dead skin, Reduces skin inflammation.  An Ayurvedic formulation, Detan Face...

Rs. 495.00

Anti-Acne Face Pack – Neem, Tulsi & Vetiver

Treats acne & Reduces acne marks, Reduces Blemishes & pigmentation, Anti-bacterial properties.  The Anti-acne Face Pack is a potent combination...

Rs. 550.00