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“Experience Rooted Luxury at IAF from 9th -12 Feb ‘23 | Proud Wellness & Beauty Partners”

Sustainability at SoulTree

SoulTree believes in being beautifully mindful, and we engage with the idea of holistic beauty. To be beautifully mindful is to absorb all that is nourishing in the traditions and radiate it back into the ecosystem. Mindfulness is about the actual presence and the right balance between work and leisure, body and mind, and head and heart. It is to live a life where a pleasing appearance springs from profound wellness and equilibrium.

Sustainability Model

The Rain Water Conservation Project

The journey of saving every drop of water started at Talla Pali, Uttarakhand. SoulTree set up a water harvesting project for dryland farmers to tackle water shortage in the village and empower its’ individuals.

Biogas Plant

To reduce methane gas & Carbon emissions in the environment, a Biogas Plant is instated at the manufacturing facility in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, to upscale sustainability and utilise the resources judiciously and more effectively.

Solar Commitment

A contemporary manufacturing facility has been set up with a rooftop solar power plant to make the production process sustainable. Thus, also assisting in lowering the cost of electricity.

Sustainable Practices

As a brand, we have stood on the pillars of trust and sustainability since our inception. How our practices impact the world and everyone's lives matters to us

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