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3 Ayurvedic Herbs for Long and Lustrous Hair

Most hair-related issues that we face today are due to lifestyle choices and excessive usage of chemicals and exposure to heat and toxins on a regular basis. These often lead to chronic issues that require serious intervention. Luckily, all our modern-day problems have an ancient, Ayurvedic solution.  1  Hibiscus  This sweet-smelling flower has several healing properties. It is a renowned solution that helps to boost hair growth, reduce bald patches and stimulate dormant hair follicles. It also acts as a natural conditioner and prevents frizziness and dryness.  Hibiscus leaves are also quite useful and help in reducing split ends and...

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Things to do Before you Shampoo and Conditioner

With Hair Care as a multi-million dollar industry, our shelves are filled with numerous products to make our hair look good. However, it never hurts to try them in samples before a bulk purchase. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you start. 1 Oiling  Oiling has always been a recommended step for most hair care routines. It has a very scientific reason. Massaging the scalp helps increase your blood circulation and balances oils and moisture. Although it is advisable to oil your hair overnight, if you have an oily scalp, do so 45 minutes prior to...

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