Things to Keep in Mind when you go Shopping for Makeup

Monthly visits to your favorite makeup store is always fun. There are always new products to try and you might come across pretty expensive stuff. However, keep a few things in mind before you swipe your card.

1 Do Not Wear Makeup 

Avoid wearing any makeup when shopping. The best way to do counter testing is to do it on a blank canvas. Use Moisturizer and apply a layer of primer to protect your skin. Always wipe out the product with a cotton swab once cleaned up. 

Make-up Shopping

2 Check Reviews

Although most makeup companies do not accept billed products, the best way to avoid ending up with an expensive product you cannot use is to not make the mistake of buying them. Always check for reviews online before switching brands. 

Google search Landing page

3 Know your Skin Concerns 

Be certain about your skin‘s sensitivities before buying cosmetics. Different skin types react differently to every product. If you have dry skin, go for products that have hydrating ingredients. Oily skin requires products that do not leave behind excess moisture, go for powder-based makeup products which will absorb the excess oil. 

Know your skin type

4 Check for Expiry 

Cosmetics like any personal care product has a shelf life. Always check for expiry dates before purchasing the item. 

Expiry date of beauty products

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