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Winged Eyeliner Hacks

One of the biggest make-up fails is often the winged liner look. Kudos to the women who can manage to do it! For those who are struggling, let us make your life a little easier with these hacks to get that cat-eyed wing:

1 Use a Pencil or Gel-based Eyeliner

Use a pencil liner or a gel-based one which comes with a brush, so that it is easy to apply, and you have more control over it. You can even use a kohl-liner and warm its tip over a flame to get a gel-like consistency, so it glides over smoothly.

2 Use a Magnifying Mirror

The closer you are able to see your eyelids, the better!

3 Use a Primer

To avoid oily lids and to prevent the eye make-up from spreading or smudging, use a primer on them first.

And now some tips on how to make sure that you draw the wing correctly:

4 Line the Eye lid with dots first and then connect them

It becomes way easier this way! Just make sure the dots aren’t too big, that they are the same size as you would want the width of your line to be.

5 Use the Edges of a Business Card for that Wing

The thickness of a business card is perfect to hold it at an angle and draw the line from outward of the eyes.

Draw the End of the Flick First

If you are unsure whether you would be able to draw the end of the flicks evenly on both eyes, try doing it the other way around and draw the ends first and work inwards from there. This way you can decide the length in advance.


Let us know in the comments if you were able to wing it right!

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