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Winged Eyeliner Hacks

One of the biggest make-up fails is often the winged liner look. Kudos to the women who can manage to do it! For those who are struggling, let us make your life a little easier with these hacks to get that cat-eyed wing: 1 Use a Pencil or Gel-based Eyeliner Use a pencil liner or a gel-based one which comes with a brush, so that it is easy to apply, and you have more control over it. You can even use a kohl-liner and warm its tip over a flame to get a gel-like consistency, so it glides over smoothly....

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Make any Kajal Smudge Proof with these Simple Steps

To enhance the natural shape and beauty of your eyes, nothing works better than a Kajal. It is easily the most used make-up product by Indian women. Whether it is the iconic Kohl-rimmed eyes or just a simple stroke on the lower lid, or a thin upper eye flick, a Kajal does it all. Let your eyes do the talking with these effective hacks to make your Kajal last all day long: 1 Apply the Kajal Properly First off, make sure that you are applying the Kajal in a proper fashion. Wash your face before applying any make-up, including a Kajal....

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Mascara Hacks for those Perfect Lashes

Mascaras are great when it comes to amping up your eyes!. Just 2 coats and you are good to go, but it isn’t as easy as it may sound. Applying mascaras is an art and can be quite tricky, and so we are here to help you get those voluminous lashes.  Before Applying the Mascara 1 Make it Mellow If your mascara tube is getting dry and clumpy, let it sit for a couple of minutes in hot water and then use it. It will melt the formula and make it easier to apply. 2 Heat Your Eyelash Curler If you...

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