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Make any Kajal Smudge Proof with these Simple Steps

To enhance the natural shape and beauty of your eyes, nothing works better than a Kajal. It is easily the most used make-up product by Indian women. Whether it is the iconic Kohl-rimmed eyes or just a simple stroke on the lower lid, or a thin upper eye flick, a Kajal does it all.

Let your eyes do the talking with these effective hacks to make your Kajal last all day long:

Apply the Kajal Properly

First off, make sure that you are applying the Kajal in a proper fashion.

Wash your face before applying any make-up, including a Kajal. Most people start from the inner corner of the eye, making their way outward. Since the inner corners of the eyes are watery, they can make the Kajal pencil wet. So, start from the outer corner towards the inner one, applying 2-3 strokes depending on the intensity that you’d like.

Use a Foundation or Compact Powder

Oily skin can cause the Kajals to smudge, so dab and smear a little foundation or compact powder on the eyelids, around the eyes, and on the lower part of the eyes.

Use a White Liner

Usually, Kajals smudge the most from the inner corners of your eyes, so before applying a Kajal, use a white liner or eye shadow along the inner corners. Not only will the Kajal not smudge, but it will also give a nice pop to your eyes.

Use an Eye-shadow

To make the Kajal stay, use can also use a little eye shadow, either black or brown in color. With the help of a flat brush or with your clean hands, dab some on the inner waterline, or below it. The powdery texture of the eye shadow will help the Kajal stay in its place.


Tell us how you make your Kajal smudge-proof in the comment section below.

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