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3 Hair Styling Tools Every Woman Needs

A perfect outfit needs a perfect hairstyle. Running to the parlor every day gets tedious and equally expensive. Another alternative is to hoard a few of these tools to bring on the much-needed touch-up.

Must Have Hair Styling Tools

1. Hair Brushes and Combs 

While quickly running a comb through your hair seems easy, what’s even better is a genuinely good-quality comb that can amp up your look two-fold.

A large-toothed comb is especially useful while dealing with wet hair. Since your hair is more prone to breakage after a wash, such combs lessen hair fall and make brushing/combing quicker. A flat paddle brush is another excellent investment. It should ideally be used when the hair is dry as it evenly distributes moisture along your strands. The flat paddle brush can also help you with sleek ponytails and add volume. 

 Hair Comb

2. A Good Quality Hair-Dryer

While salon blow-dries do give a lasting impression, the same can be re-created at home. Apart from reducing the effort, it also makes hair manageable. However, do NOT blow dry your hair every day! Save it only for a few occasions:) 

Good Quality Hair dryer

3. A Flat Iron

Other than helping to straighten out your hair, a flat iron can serve multiple purposes. It helps to smoothen out frizzes after drying. Further, flat irons are ideal to make loose curls. One thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the heat is at its minimum. Excessive heat can burn the hair and even cause it to break. Avoid heating from the roots and instead use a flat comb and water to settle the hair.

Hair iron standard temperature

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