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How to Choose your Foundation / BB Cream Online

Let’s accept it, makeup is not cheap. Things get trickier when you try to buy a shade online. The shades we see tend to be completely different from the actual shade. While shopping on the internet is easy, ending up with the wrong shade can spoil the fun. 1 Identify your Skin Concerns Every skin is unique and has its own requirements. Identify them before shopping. If you have oily T zones or combination skin, opt for a matte finish foundation. If you are prone to dry and patchy skin, go for a hydrating formula. For sensitive skin, opt for...

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What is your makeup Lifespan

Although we tend to deny, we often forget that even our makeup products have a shelf life. But every product has its own life span and depending on its type their age differs.  1 Eyeliner Gel eyeliner can last up to 6 to 8 months since the constant dipping in the pot exposes it more. This increases the breeding ground for bacteria. A pencil eyeliner lasts longer since the lead is sealed and only exposed when sharpened.  2 Mascara Mascaras tend to dry out quicker, and thus can only be used for 3 to 6 months. A good way to...

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5-minute make-up prep for an everyday look

Don’t you hate it when you are getting late in the morning and realise that you do not have time to do any make-up? Or when you have to carry some 20-odd make-up essentials wherever you go? Let us give you a quick 5-7-minute routine that will get you through the day. 1  Wash your face with a light face wash so that it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Pat it dry. 2  Apply a moisturiser or cream to hydrate your skin and give it a soft base for any make-up. 3 Apply a BB Cream, which...

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