Quick Winter Skin Care Regime

Think hot chocolate, ear muffs, and cozy blankets. Winter is here! It is our favorite time of the year. However, the best kind of winter also brings with it dry, flaky and itchy skin. Here is a quick and easy skin care regime that you can swear by even in this chilly weather. 

Top Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

1 Cleanse 

Your cleansing routine does not need to have 5 subtexts. Nothing to elaborate, however, it is important to follow a basic cleansing regime. Use a gentle and mild cleanser twice every day that removes dirt or impurities from the skin. Make sure to not wash your face with hot water as that may further dry out your skin. 

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For Dry or Normal Skin Type - Indian Rose Face Wash with Turmeric & Honey  

For Oily or Combination Skin Type – Nutgrass Face Wash with Neem & Soothing Chamomile

2 Moisturise 

Cold winter winds can make the skin prone to dryness & itchiness. A generous dose of moisturiser will help keep it soft and supple and keep flaky skin at bay. As the most exposed region, your facial skin requires thorough moisturisation to keep it protected. 

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For Dry or Normal Skin Type – Nourishing Cream – Saffron & Almond Oil with Natural Vitamin E

For All Skin Types – Apricot Moisturiser with Honey & Kokum Butter

Organic and Chemical-free Moisturiser

3 Hands & Feet

Apart from your face, your hands and feet also need additional nourishment during the winters. As a nightly ritual, you can apply a hand cream & foot cream to help keep your hands and feet well moisturised. Make sure to wear a warm pair of socks to let the moisturiser work its magic while you sleep. 

Organic Hand and Foot Cream

4 Face Oil  

During the cold winter months, our skin needs extra nourishment and protection. After applying a facial moisturiser, you can club it up with a few drops of face oil at night. Massage in a circular upward motion and wake up with a dewy, radiant skin in the morning. 

SoulTree Recommends – Radiance Face Oil

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