Skin Care — Apricot Moisturiser

Quick Winter Skin Care Regime

Think hot chocolate, ear muffs, and cozy blankets. Winter is here! It is our favourite time of the year. However, the best kind of winter also brings with it dry, flaky and itchy skin. Here is a quick and easy skin care regime that you can swear by even in this chilly weather.  1  Cleanse  Your cleansing routine does not need to have 5 subtexts. Nothing to elaborate, however, it is important to follow a basic cleansing regime. Use a gentle and mild cleanser twice every day that removes dirt or impurities from the skin. Make sure to not wash...

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Night Time Skin Care Routine

As you get familiar with skin care products and start to develop a routine that works for you, make sure to invest in a night time ritual as well. It is what most people neglect but an investment that will yield major benefits as you progress in age. Our skin repairs itself overnight and indulging in a night time routine will restore and maintain its balance, making sure you wake up with a soft, supple look and a natural glow. Read on to find out the best night care regime –  1 Double Cleanse Before going to bed, make sure...

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An everyday skin care routine need not be a complicated one. Simple but consistent habits practiced over a period of time go a long way in restoring your skin’s natural glow. Eating unhealthy junk foods, drinking less water and irregular sleeping patterns are some common mistakes which all of us make that lead to skin damage.  Read on to find out 3 simple, everyday hacks for a healthy, naturally glowing skin.  1  Start with a Cleanser During the day, the skin on our face tends to collect pollutants and germs that may lead to breakouts and acne. Make sure to...

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