Hair Care- Soultree — Ayurvedic Hibiscus Hair Shampoo with honey and aleo vera

4 Natural Remedies to Combat Hair Fall

A few strands coming off every now and then isn’t too big a deal, but if you are losing excessive hair, you definitely need a remedy. 1 Watch Your Diet Hair Fall could occur due to nutritional deficiencies, especially the lack of Vitamin D. Follow a balanced diet and increase the intake of food rich in Zinc, Copper, Protein, and Iron. 2 Oil We will never grow tired of repeatedly highlighting the importance of oiling your hair. Choose the right kind of oil depending on your hair type and massage your scalp every day before you shampoo. It will nourish and...

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4 Homemade Hair Masks made with Everyday Kitchen Items

Nobody likes their hair greasy and a lot of us even dislike putting in too much effort to tackle the problem. Taking care of yourself does not have to be so hard, and hence, we are putting down a list of the 4 easiest ingredients for your oily hair mask that can help you in your Hair Care Routine. Homemade Hair Mask for Hair Growth 1  Tomato Hair Mask Rich in Vitamin A, C, and Biotin, the acidic properties of tomato helps balance out the PH level in your scalp. This reduces excess oil secretion and also aids blood circulation. ...

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6 Good Habits to spare your hair those winter woes

Static, Dryness and Frizz. You are all too familiar with these visible signs if you live in a place that experiences cold winters. Not only do your strands stand the risk of breakage, but the lack of moisture also makes your scalp dry and causes dandruff. 1  Oil and condition your hair A regular oil massage can work wonders to treat dryness and frizzy hair problems because it all boils down to the health of your scalp. Go for a lukewarm oil massage and leave it on overnight. Do this twice a week and wash off with a gentle SLS/SLES...

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